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Financial Technology (M.A.S.)

Harness the disruptive technologies that are rapidly shifting concepts of money, ownership, payments, trust, identity, and security in the digital economy. Come to Chicago and launch your career in one of the leading innovation hubs in the world—and in the only master's program of its kind in the city.

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Understand, develop, and launch disruptive financial applications using appropriate mathematical models and engineering tools to prepare for the fast-growing demand in today’s data-driven finance industry with Illinois Tech’s Master of Financial Technology.

Be equipped with a multi-disciplinary set of skills at the intersection of financial mathematics, financial technology, and financial markets, which are globally in high demand across the investment management, wealth management, investment banking and financial services sectors.

Gain the technical skills needed to master successful application of machine learning to financial data sets, optimize execution of algorithmic trading strategies, develop innovative and financially astute DeFI applications, design robo-advisors for wealth management, and model derivatives products for trading and risk management.

Tailor your experience at Illinois Tech to your interests and career goals. Gain in-depth mathematical finance knowledge to become a quantitative analyst, advanced statistics, machine learning, and algorithmic trading to become a quantitative strategist or trader, computer engineering and cybersecurity to become a financial engineer, or technology entrepreneurial skills, such as understanding how to manage technology, building tech teams, developing a tech roadmap, pitching to investors, and communication to build a successful fintech startup.

Illinois Tech is minutes away from downtown Chicago, one of the largest fintech centers in the world, and home to the largest financial exchanges, securities firms, trading technology, and a major hub for technology making it a destination to discover hands-on learning experiences, opportunities to build professional networks, and learn from the best and brightest.

Program Overview

The Master of Financial Technology program is a professional master’s program with a STEM designation, which aims to empower students with the market knowledge and technical skillset needed to succeed in one of the world’s fastest paced industries. A key feature of the M.A.S. program is a six-month practicum with a Chicago based fintech company and the opportunity to enter the marketplace with experience and an in-depth understanding of applying cutting edge computational and mathematical skillsets to financial applications.

Career Opportunities

Become qualified to launch a fintech a career in some of these examples, and more:

  • Quantitative analyst 
  • Algorithmic trader
  • Fintech app developer/software engineer
  • Blockchain developer
  • Risk/compliance analyst

The curriculum is highly differentiated from other fintech programs in numerous ways:

  • Placing the focus on financial mathematics and financial modeling, strong technical capacity, and engineering knowledge
  • Incorporating blockchain technologies and decentralized finance into the curriculum 
  • Providing softer skills and knowledge needed for fintech entrepreneurship

Courses are available online or on campus at Illinois Tech's Mies Campus in Bronzeville or the Conviser Law Center in Chicago's Loop. 

  • A bachelor’s degree with honors from a recognized university or comparable institution.
  • A satisfactory score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)/Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is encouraged but not mandatory. Satisfactory is GPA 3.0/GRE 310.
  • TOEFL - please see the admissions website for TOEFL requirements.

High Returns

Chicago is a growing fintech hub with professionals in the field earning high average annual salaries.


Blockchain Engineer



Quantitative Analyst



Banking/Finance Data Scientist



Innovative Research

Matthew Dixon, assistant professor of applied mathematics (right), was named Buy-Side Quant of the Year by for his research incorporating machine learning techniques in wealth management.

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Leadership in Financial Engineering

Igor Cialenco, professor of applied mathematics, began his term as chair of Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Activity Group of Financial Mathematics and Engineering, providing leadership to create an intellectual forum in financial engineering.

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Featured Faculty

Illinois Tech faculty are highly-renowned fintech researchers.

Matthew Dixon
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Program Director, Master of Financial Technology Affiliate Associate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Associate Chair and Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Applied Mathematics Professor of Applied Mathematics
Tomasz Bielecki
Director, Master of Mathematical Finance Professor of Applied Mathematics Affiliate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Chun Liu
Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics Professor of Applied Mathematics
Sergey Nadtochiy
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

Ask A Professor

What do climate change, finance, data science, sports analytics, engineering, and software development all have in common? They all have foundations in mathematics. Discover how a degree in applied mathematics can open doors to these careers, and many more, by speaking with  Professor Igor Cialenco, director of graduate studies at Illinois Tech’s Department of Applied Mathematics. These virtual visits occur on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. CST.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022
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