History (Minor)

This flexible minor offers students a rich education in a variety of history topics of their choosing.

Customize your study of history in its broadest sense with the Minor in History. Students have the opportunity to engage in topics that are highly relevant to today's cultural conversations, such as the history of gender in technology, Chicago's LGBTQ history, and the history of contemporary globalization in trade, technology, labor, and culture. Additional options include the study of Chicago's basic institutions—its political machines, social and political reform traditions, planning agencies, ethnic neighborhoods, organized crime, and many other urban institutions.

Students can also explore wide-ranging historical eras: everything from the emergence of human civilization, to the development of the city in world history, to twentieth century Europe. A variety of other focus areas are also available, including the history of Latin America, women in U.S. and world history, world religions, video games, the history of disasters, and the history of technology.

Program Overview

This flexible minor offers students an education in a variety of history topics of their choosing. The minor requires 15 credit hours of history coursework chosen in consultation with the minor adviser. Courses must be at or above the 300-level.

Career Opportunities

A Minor in History is a valuable addition to a variety of academic majors and an asset to those interested in careers as journalists, historians, and educators.

Interested in declaring a minor? Talk with your academic adviser or Academic Affairs to plan out your course schedule and fill out the Minor Request Form.

Featured Faculty

Erin Hazard
Associate Teaching Professor