The India Online Program is designed for working professionals and students who reside in India. Illinois Tech established Indian operations in December 1998 with an approval from the Indian government's Foreign Investment Promotion Board.

The India Online master’s programs were launched in the area of information technology, computer science, electrical engineering, and manufacturing engineering. Engineers from a large number of companies pursue the master’s programs as they offer flexibility, affordability, and uncompromising quality.

Due to the reputation of the program and the quality of the education graduates receive, a large number of companies in India sponsor their engineers' enrollment.

Select master's degree and certificate programs in engineering are also offered online.

Illinois Tech ranks #1 for return on investment for all universities in Illinois, according to the 2018 PayScale College ROI Report.

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Master of Science in Biology
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master of Artificial Intelligence (COS)
Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering
Master of Health Physics
Master of Information Technology and Management
Master of Materials Chemistry
Master of Network Engineering
Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering
Master of Telecommunication and Software Engineering
Master of VLSI and Microelectronics

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