Transfer Credit and Policies

At Illinois Tech our goal is to help you transfer without loss of credit and on an efficient timeline.

Illinois Tech has published transfer credit guides for many Illinois community colleges. Simply search for your school, then scroll down to select your intended transfer major. If you do not see your school, we recommend that you view the guides available for City Colleges of Chicago as an example of the kinds of courses that typically transfer in for your intended major.

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Additional Information

Illinois Tech has published transfer credit guides for area community colleges. If you are coming from an out-of-state school, or your Illinois school is not listed, then we recommend several options to help determine course equivalencies:

  • You can use the City Colleges of Chicago transfer guide as an example to identify the types of courses that typically transfer into your intended major at Illinois Tech. The course names and codes will likely be different for your school, but your current school’s transfer adviser or an Illinois Tech transfer counselor can help identify the equivalent course(s) available at your current institution.
  • Use Transferology. This is a nationwide, online transfer planning resource that students can use to identify equivalent courses. Simply create a free account, then start adding your courses and search for Illinois Tech. Your current school’s transfer adviser also has access to the Transferology Lab Account, where they can look up multiple equivalencies at once. Try Transferology yourself, or ask your school’s adviser for assistance to ensure that you're taking the correct courses for your transfer major.

Ask us! Our transfer admission counselors are happy to be a resource. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us now, or if you are in the greater Chicago area, stop by our table the next time we are visiting your school. See when we will be at your school.

For a full overview of required courses by major, please visit our Undergraduate Catalog.

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Please note that we do not require the completion of an associate’s degree, nor do we require the completion of all the courses listed on the credit guide before the transfer. These guides exist to help students avoid taking courses that are not needed for their major. If you take classes that are not required for your major, these courses may fit into a free elective if they are available for your program—or they may not transfer at all. Please be sure you connect with us or your current community college transfer adviser before you enroll in courses that do not appear on the transfer guide; it is likely that these courses are not needed for your intended major.

If you still have a semester or two to finish before you plan to transfer, please consider joining our Fast Forward to Illinois Tech transfer planning program. Otherwise, if you are ready to transfer, please check out additional transfer resources and contact us to begin the transfer process.

Transfer credit evaluation takes place after you are admitted and confirm your enrollment to Illinois Tech. To ensure that your transfer credits are evaluated in time, you must submit all official transcripts from previously attended institutions before the November 15 (spring) or August 1 (fall) application deadline. Transcripts received after application deadlines may not be evaluated for credit.

Your transfer credits must be approved by the university before you can register for courses that require certain prerequisites.