IIT students participate in four areas to develop strong communication skills for success in college and the workplace:

  • Basic Writing Proficiency requirement
  • Introduction to the Profession courses (ITPs)
  • Communication-intensive courses (C-courses)
  • Interprofessional Project courses (IPROs)

Here is a quick overview of each.

Basic Writing Proficiency Requirements

All incoming degree-seeking students (not exchange or visiting) must meet a Basic Writing Proficiency Requirement. The requirement can be satisfied in any of the following ways:

  • If you have transfer credit for a University Writing Course (COM101 at IIT).
  • If you have a 4 or better on the AP English exam.
  • If we have judged your ACT and/or SAT English/Writing scores as sufficient: ACT Writing 8 or better, SAT Essay 9 or better. New SAT Writing and Language 33 or better.
  • If none of the above apply to you nor are sufficient for placement, we will request you to submit a new essay for us to evaluate.
    • If we deem that your new essay does not demonstrate Basic Writing Proficiency as defined by IIT, then you will be required to enroll in COM 101 or COM 111 your first semester at IIT.

How do I submit an essay for evaluation?

If we have notified you that an essay is required:

Step 1: See the Entrance Essay instructions and compose a 500 word essay.

Step 2: Visit blackboard through my.iit.edu portal. Click on Writing Placement organization and follow the instructions to complete your essay submission. For a step by step review of this process please view this Powerpoint.

When will I find out my Writing Placement results and the corresponding course placement?

You will see your official Writing Placement results on the New Student Advising channel on my.iit.edu and when you meet with your advisor.

Introduction to the Profession Courses (ITPs)

Entering students enroll in an Introduction to the Profession course (ITP) during their first year at IIT (but students entering with 30 hours or more of transfer credit are exempt from this requirement). In addition to exploring the subject matter, concepts, and procedures relevant to a particular discipline, each ITP course provides instructional materials about writing standards and practices within the discipline.

Communication-Intensive Courses (C-Courses)

Each IIT student completes at least 42 credit hours of courses with a significant written and oral communication component. These courses are identified with a (C) in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Of these 42 credit hours, aminimum includes:

  • 12 hours in major courses
  • 12 hours in non-major courses
  • 12 additional hours in major and/or non-major courses

In each academic year, full-time students should enroll in an average of 3 C-courses, and part-time students should enroll in an average of one-two C-Courses.

Interprofessional Project Courses (IPROs)

IIT students participate in at least two Interprofessional Project experiences. Within the framework of a multidisciplinary team, these projects develop an awareness of economic, marketing, ethical, and social issues; they also help to develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. During the IPRO, students help to document their work by providing weekly email updates and by collaborating on progress reports, final reports, oral presentations, poster sessions, websites, PowerPoint slides, and other communication formats.