Jeff Budiman

  • Associate Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Director of Geotechnical Engineering


Ph.D., University of Colorado
M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, Illinois, Civil Engineering
B.S., Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia, Civil Engineering

Research Interests

Laboratory Apparatus Development

Designed, developed, and performed experiments on several advanced laboratory apparatus for geotechnical engineering research:

  1. A large direct shear testing apparatus was developed to study the effects of geotexiles in the railway track system and the interface behavior between the ballast and the supporting subgrade soil. The shear box received a 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (12 in. x 12 in.) sample. This apparatus is in the geotechnical engineering laboratory of IIT.
  2. A directional shear cell (DSC) was developed at the University of Colorado to study the behavior of stress induced anisotropic soil under the effects of rotation of the principal stress. The DSC is capable of applying independent normal and shear stresses on the four faces of a cubical sample in plane stress or plane strain conditions. By controlling appropriate combinations of normal and shear stresses applied on the faces of the cubical sample, the magnitude and the orientation of the principal stress can be controlled as desired. the DSC received a 20 cm x 20 cm x20 cm (8 in. x 8 in. x8 in.) cubical sample.
  3. A True Triaxial Cell apparatus is used to investigate the behavior of soil under static and dynamic loading under three independently controlled principal stresses. It is a stress controlled device where stresses are applied to the specimen through the flexible membranes. This apparatus is at IIT.
  4. A large dynamic Torsional Hollow Cylinder Testing apparatus to study the effects of principal stress rotation on anisotropic soils. The axial and shear stresses are applied independently. The shear stress is applied through the double acting pneumatic cylinder. This apparatus is at IIT.

Selected completed research topics

  1. "Dynamic Behavior Tennessee Valley Clayey Sand," Liquefaction potential of soil from a dam site in Tennessee for TVA was investigated using laboratory dynamic triaxial testing. The samples were subjected to several different cyclic stress ratios to simulate several earthquake induced stresses. The results were used in conjunction with dynamic numerical analysis to assess the liquefaction susceptibility of the foundation soil for the dam.
  2. "Behavior of Marine Clays under Large Strain with Wave and Tsunami Loadings," The laboratory investigation was performed on clayey soil subjected to complete three dimensional stress condition in a True Triaxial device. The three principal stresses were independently controlled. The wave and tsunami loadings were simulated with sinusoidal wave dynamic loads. The effects of principal stress rotation on the response behavior was also investigated.
  3. "Effects of Large Inclusions in Sand on Liquefaction Potential" Sands samples that had large gravel size particles were subjected to dynamic loading. The effects of the size and the percentage of the large inclusions on the liquefaction potential of the sand were investigated. Large size triaxial dynamic tests were conducted.
  4. "Behavior of Single Piles Embedded in Elasto-Plastic Soil under Static and Dynamic Loading", funded internally by IIT. ABAQUS finite element program was used in evaluating the response behavior of piles subjected to lateral loading under static and dynamic condition. El Centro earthquake time history was used in the analysis. The effects of soil types and tip condition of the piles were investigated.
  5. "Effects of Pile Cap on Laterally Loaded Piles". ABAQUS program was used to investigate the influence of dimension of pile cap and the lateral stresses adjacent to the pile on the response and lateral capacity of the piles. It was determined that the p-multiplier for the leading pile in group is greater than 1.0 due to increase in lateral stresses.

Current Research

  1. Thermal properties of Soil for application in Geothermal.
  2. Pile-soil Interaction under dynamic loads with variation in externally applied porewater pressure.


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  1. Model testing
  2. Soil-structure interaction
  3. Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering
  4. Geoenvironmental engineeri


Model testing; soil-structure interaction; soil dynamics and earthquake engineering; geoenvironmental engineering

Jeff Budiman

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