Jennifer L. Miller

  • Associate Professor of Psychology

Jennifer Miller is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology. She teaches undergraduate courses in early development, learning theories, and introduction to psychology as well as a graduate course in learning, motivation, and cognition.

Her research interests are focused on the development of communication in complex social networks. Specifically, she is interested in examining the social environment of individuals to relate how vocal and social learning produce effective communicative skills. To examine the complex social interactions, she uses social network techniques that have been commonly used in business applications. Her work has been conducted in both songbirds and children.


Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington, Psychology (2011)
M.S., Indiana University-Bloomington, Applied Statistics (2011)
B.A., University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Psychology (2004)

Research Interests

Social network analysis

Development of vocal and social behavior in infants


Social learning

Caregiver behavior

Infant development


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Jennifer Miller

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312.567.3500 312.567.3493 Room 218,Technology Park – Central,3424 South State Street,Chicago IL 60616