Mahima Saxena

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology

Mahima Saxena is an assistant professor in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program in the Department of Psychology at the Lewis College of Human Sciences. Her research interest lie in the areas of occupational health psychology (OHP) and humanitarian work psychology (HWP). She is an expert in studying worker health and well-being and is broadly interested in the nature of inner experiences in how they relate to work and health.

Mahima’s current projects involve understanding the nature and consequences of job-burnout for workers, the nature of emotions at work, and the consequences of attention failure for work-performance.

The dominant themes across all of her research concern the enhancement of lives and well-being of individuals, especially for those who live and work in poverty. She has used qualitative and quantitative techniques in her research, most notably the use of ecological momentary assessment across formal and informal economic sectors.

Mahima has received numerous awards and honors. Her research has been funded by multiple grants through the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Bilsland Strategic Initiatives and Purdue Research Foundation (Purdue University), and most recently through Illinois Tech’s Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation.


Ph.D., Purdue University
Master's: University of London

Research Interests

Occupational Health Psychology (Incivility, job-burnout, recovery experiences)



Emotional experiences at work

Meditation and resource conservation

Experience sampling methods

Humanitarian work psychology

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Association for Psychological Sciences
  • Society for Occupational Health Psychology
  • Global Organization for Humanitarian Work Psychology
  • Commonwealth Alumni Association


Saxena, M., Geiselman, T. A.*, & Zhang, S.* (Forthcoming). Workplace incivility against women in STEM: Insights and best practices. Business Horizons.

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Saxena, M., Sall, E., Scott, J.C., Rupp, D. E., Saari, L., Thompson, L. F., et al. (2015). News from the SIOP-United Nations team: Exploring work experiences of informal workers and promoting decent work for all. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 53, 172-175.


Within the OHP, Mahima has led several projects exploring the intersection of work experiences and health that have included issues surrounding job-burnout, workplace incivility, women in STEM, and mind-wandering and the nature of attentional regulation at work.

In HWP, through a recent grant awarded by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Mahima has explored the work experiences of skilled workers in the informal economy in South Asia using the experience sampling method.


  • Worker Health
  • Job-Burnout
  • Workplace Incivility
  • Emotions at Work
  • Positive Societal Development Using Work Psychology