Our annual Sophomore Leadership Retreat (SLR) is aimed at developing leadership skills and creating a sense of community among our second-year or transfer students.

With roughly 250 students in attendance, the SLR provides an opportunity for students to get away for an enjoyable weekend, spend time with peers and staff, and develop leadership skills in a fun and challenging way. Students attending the SLR participate in a wide variety of activities, including:

  • High-ropes (above ground) and low-ropes courses (cognitive exercises, on the ground)
  • Team-building exercises
  • Kayaking/canoeing
  • Boat regatta
  • Debriefing and reflection sessions

We aim to provide students with an array of challenging, interactive, and engaging activities while teaching them about leadership and providing the opportunity to meet new people at Illinois Tech.

The SLR will be held at Pretty Lake Camp in Michigan every fall semester. You can see which dates it will be offered this year and register on our Events page.

The weekend is completely free for students. If multiple weekends are offered, students may choose to attend one of these weekends. Transportation, accommodation, and meals will all be provided. While at the SLR, Illinois Tech Leadership Academy scholars will serve as mentors and guides for the participants. Additionally, all activities will have trained professionals supervising and facilitating, so the weekend will be safe and enjoyable.