Center for Leadership Academy Abrar Shahariar Rafi

Major and Graduation

Major and Graduation: Mechanical Engineering- May 2025

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goal is to experience new things and grab every opportunity I have in life. Coming to the US and living thousands of miles away from my family is a tough choice so being mentally strong is a priority. I want to give my best in studies and maintain a high GPA. Besides that, I want to utilize every single second of College through my involvement in Student Clubs and organizations at IIT, because Clubs and Orgs are the perfect places where I can make more connections with people, make good friends and most importantly, I can improve my leadership and communication skills, and all other necessary skills along the way. I have already joined a few Orgs including AIAA, ASME, RHA and MSA, and I want to contribute more to these Clubs, as a result of which I have applied to join the Executive Board of AIAA and plan to serve as the Secretary of the Club next Fall semester. Furthermore, I aim to spend time for my personal growth by learning to code, outside of course work, and attain knowledge about investment in stock markets. Helping my peers has always given me joy so I am working as a Junior hawk this semester and willing to be a Hawk Ambassador to serve the IIT community. As a floor representative of the Cunningham Hall last semester I have had the privilege to present all the concerns and needs of my floormates to the Residence Housing Association, and I would want to continue being an advocate for the residence as a Residential Advisor.

Long-Term Goals

Being a humble, compassionate, respected person and contributing to my field as much as possible is my long-term goal. To be a good human being is essential for me because it is goodness, prosperous deeds and humanitarianism that forms a successful person's legacy in this world. I intend to pursue a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, which will provide me the necessary capabilities to commence my own research firm. As an aerospace enthusiast, I aspire to use my engineering knowledge to integrate Artificial Intelligence in Auto-pilot systems, which would improve aircraft flight maneuvers vastly and make the take-off & landing more comfortable. Moreover, I am eager to design more Fuel-Efficient jet engines to reduce carbon emissions, global warming, and cut down noise pollution caused by jet engines to make the stratosphere cleaner. I want to be recognized as a global leader and successful Entrepreneur through my research outputs and problem-solving initiatives for mankind. In the future, I would like to invest in High Tech companies to support the advancement of technologies. Last but not the least, being the eldest son of my parents and the first college goer of my family I want to make them proud and do my best to ensure my parents a good life. As a responsible citizen of Bangladesh, I plan to facilitate the education and healthcare system in Bangladesh making them more affordable for the underprivileged people.

Leadership Experience

  • Junior Hawk (January 2022 - Present)
  • Leader of Team “iPharma” in Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018 (November 2018 - December 2018)
  • Head of Distribution in "Sunshine Charities" (August 2017 - May 2020)
  • Head of GED (General Education Diploma) Mathematics at Mentors’ Chittagong (October 2020 - May 2021)