Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Ali Bajor
Hoffman Estates, IL

Major and Graduation

Architecture – May 2023 

Short-Term Goals

My short term goals are to improve academic, physical, and mental aspects of my life that I felt I struggled with last semester due to the pandemic. Firstly, academically speaking, I did not feel like I was as successful as previous semesters. I will work on reducing my procrastination by setting harder deadlines for myself and beginning assignments earlier. Online classes led me to be more distracted in class, so I will be more disciplined and pay closer attention in my classes. Next, I want to work on my mental and physical health. My roommate and I worked out a time each day to go on a 30 minute walk around campus so that we are not spending the entire day in front of our laptops. Our walks are mostly scheduled for the morning so that we can start our day right. Furthermore, I want to work on listening to my needs. I tend to follow along with the group and agree with what others are doing. For example, I will sometimes stay up later than I want to despite being exhausted because my friends or roommate are staying up. I want to start taking control and knowing myself. I found myself growing more introverted during the pandemic and I need to work on communicating my boundaries to people. Along with working on my mental health, I want to start journaling regularly. This has been a goal I’ve been working on for a long time now and continually fall out of habit. Instead of taking too big of a step, I’ve downloaded an app on my phone where I can track my mood everyday and add a sentence or two to describe the day. Once I fully gain that habit, I will take the next step and begin to switch to a physical journal and write for a longer period of time.

Long-Term Goals

Regarding my long term goals, I plan to become a successful licensed architect, start a family, and care for my parents. The only thing that I can be completely certain about regarding my career is that I want to be a licensed architect. Because I am not as interested in designing tall skyscrapers or larger scale projects, my goal is less about being a recognized name, but instead to design architecture that positively affects the community around me. Knowing that I could make a difference through my work would mean everything to me. Next, meeting my niece made it clear to me that I would like to start a family. Additionally, similar to the way they took care of me, I would like to take care of my parents. Both are hardworking immigrants that despite their age, continue to work in order to help me pay for school and other things. They are too generous when it comes to me and my sister. I would like to show my gratitude by taking care of them when they retire. I would love to design a home for them, preferably close to either me or my sister so that they have company and their grandchildren to fill their lives in their old age.

Leadership Experience

  • First-Year Experience Mentor - August 2020-Present
  • Hawk Ambassador - Office of Admissions - August 2019-Present
  • President - Catholic Campus Ministry - August 2019-Present
  • Treasurer - Polish Student Society - May 2019-Present
  • Mass Coordinator - St. Hubert’s Church - 2019-Present