Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Braulio Aguilar Islas
Mexico City, Mexico

Major and Graduation

Computer Science - May 2025

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goal is to get into college and get as much experience as I can in many fields of study, but most importantly, work experience in any capacity. I can't wait for the "doing" part of learning, whether it is volunteering alongside my peers or completing research with faculty. I want to contribute the computer science aspect to research related to space, astronomy, or any other field that I happen to stumble upon and enjoy. I want to utilize my time in college for more than just classes and work towards a degree. I want to take advantage of the college's many opportunities to apply the knowledge you obtain through courses to real-life scenarios. Through those experiences, I want to continue to explore what makes me passionate. In that spirit, I would like to continue to know myself better and maintain a better balance in my life than the one I had during high school. I would also like to achieve the Russian language's conversational level since it's the next language on my language bucket list. I started learning during the lockdown period, but college is the perfect time to pursue interests like that.

Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals are keener to what I would call lifelong dreams. I have two. First off, I want to create my own big tech company that will compete with the industry's giants today and will be good for the world. I strive to create a socially responsible company that will only seek to improve the human condition. I believe it will probably start small with an app or a social network that I will create alongside a team that I will build throughout my career, with peers that I find along the way. But in the end, I strive to participate in the space race that we are living in nowadays. I have always had an urge to explore outer space, and I am determined to do so in any capacity. Whether It is as the owner of a company or maybe even as an astronaut, which will be something that I will try to get involved in, I wish to give back to my mom and brother for all the faith they put in me. I really hope to be in a position, one day, to be able to provide a comfortable retirement for my mother. Maybe even become business partners with my brother!

My second dream is a little more like something that I wish I had when I was growing up. I wish to found a school to teach the generations of tomorrow and create opportunities like no other for children from all over the world to be exposed to different cultures, have many experiences, break the status quo and live really happy lives, and become better world citizens that don't know borders or frontiers. I believe that is the most effective way of effecting change in our society. Educating the next generation with new values to not make the mistakes of the past, I strive never to forget what I experienced in school, the hardships I went through, and create a place for children in need to be able to explore their potential regardless of their social or economic situation.

Leadership Experience

  • Web developer and PR representative for Levanta Essa Bandeira
  • President of the ''Iolani Astronomy club
  • Floor prefect for ''Iolani residential life program
  • Founder of Todo Por Ti
  • Debate team captain