Center for Leadership Academy Scholar David Omieworio

Major and Graduation

Major and Graduation: Aerospace Engineering – May 2026

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals and my career/long-term goals are intertwined in the sense that there will come a time when some of my life goals will give rise to my career goals. This is because I need to accomplish my short-term goals before I can properly achieve my career/long-term goals. In the case of my life goals, my short-term goals are mostly school-related. My short-term goals are, firstly, to cope with and get through the first year of university with a nice experience. I want to have a good memory of my start in college, both academically and people-wise. I want to be able to develop better leadership skills while working with the Leadership Academy. Throughout my life, I haven’t had much experience leading people and one of the reasons why I joined the Leadership Academy was so that it could teach me how to do it the right way. So I really hope to add that to my skill set pretty soon.

Long-Term Goals

For my long-term life goals, firstly, I want to be able to graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology with a first class in Aerospace Engineering, to get a good and steady job as an Aerospace Engineer, probably somewhere other than the United States seeing as I’m an international student. Secondly, after getting a good job, I want to retire my parents and take care of them. Possibly move them from Nigeria to a nice part of the world where they can enjoy the rest of their days. Then I look towards getting a Master’s degree in Aerospace engineering after a few years of work possibly. Maybe, I’ll even come back to IIT to take the program. Lastly, I would like to start my own orphanage or better still start a foundation to take care of orphans in Nigeria. I once did volunteer service at an orphanage and I was touched by the experience so I hope to contribute more to that aspect of society. I look towards starting my own aircraft manufacturing line in the far future. However, I can’t say more about that plan for now.

Leadership Experience

  • Leadership Academy Scholar - Leadership Academy, 2022 - Present
  • Newsletter Student Editor - Loyola Jesuit College - 2020-2021
  • Refectory Head - Loyola Jesuit College - 2019-2020
  • Dorm Prefect - Loyola Jesuit College - 2019-2020
  • Vice President of JETS and Braincrackers Club - Loyola Jesuit College - 2020-2021