Center for Leadership Academy Scholar David Singer
Orlando, Florida

Major and Graduation

Information Technology & Management (ITM) - May 2023

Short-Term Goals

I set my short-term goals every morning and then prepare a mental schedule for the day. These goals are adjustable and will either stay the same as the days before or change to fit that new day's objectives. I do this because I believe that short-term goals should be the most flexible goals you set for yourself as they are the most likely to change. My main goal for the day is to try to do as much as I can while also ensuring that I have enough personal time. I believe that a short and consistent schedule will produce the most productivity. That’s why I have a solid morning routine that I follow to set my day up for success. Then, I try to focus on the most important tasks for the day which mainly consist of student activities ranging from working on a project, finishing an assignment, meeting with organizations, etc. Above all is my mental and physical health, I strive to stay happy, active, and as healthy as I can be.

Although setting short-term goals for the day is important, so is having consistent goals to stand by every day. For me, I want to try to grow as much as I can as a person whilst I am still young and have amazing opportunities to meet so many different people who are also on a path of personal development. I try to meet one new person every day as their story and background help me to better understand life and their story might help me come to a new realization or deeper understanding. Gaining perspectives from others is very important, but I also hope that by meeting them I can share my stories and perspective or in some way have a positive impact on them, whether it’s making them smile or offering a piece of advice.

As for academics, I tried to find a path that suits my various interests. As someone who is curious about a lot of different topics, it was important to find an area of study that allows me to explore these topics while also having some direction. This is why I chose to pursue a major in ITM, where I can express and learn more about the various things that interest me. In high school, I was able to explore many different activities and organizations and I am delighted to have learned what I have from my involvement. However, at Illinois Tech I aim to narrow down these interests so that I can put passion into a few organizations that mean the most to me. Overall, I aim to find a balance between not spreading myself too thin while still sharpening my academic and personal skills. I am very excited and appreciative to have the opportunity to further grow and improve through the Leadership Academy and to learn from the other admirable scholars.

Long-Term Goals

I aim to find a job that aligns with the skills I have learned while still supporting my ideals and values. A major in ITM helped me to develop my technological and business skills and interests. In the future, I want to combine these skills and my interests in the world. I strive to be able to travel the world and learn more about multi-cultural life and visit unforgettable destinations.

One of my long-term goals is to bring the world closer together and I believe that starts with the understanding of the various cultures. Traveling the world will not only boost my cultural knowledge but also boost my creativity. With this, I plan to invoke some way of connecting the cultures or giving people the chance to experience and understand other cultures. Also, as someone who is very innovative and has a strong passion for entrepreneurship, I want to bring my many inventions and passion businesses to life. I believe the world is beautiful, and right now it's the only one we have. I want to use my master's in ITM, my innovation, my creativity, and my passion to create a more sustainable world, where our everyday lives are not only easier for us but more environmentally stable.

My ultimate goal is to remain healthy, happy, and active. Further in the future, I aim to be financially free and to have in some way made an impact on the world. My ideal self by then would be happily married and settled down with a family of my own. 

Leadership Experience

  • Captain - Men’s Volleyball high school & Club - (2016-19)
  • Captain - High school Swim Team - (2017-19)
  • Head Intern - Seminole County Technology & Networking Department - Summer (2017-18)
  • Vice President - National Honor Society - (2018-19)
  • Senator - Student Government Association - (2018-19)
  • Ambassador - Crooms Academy - (2018-19)
  • Advisor - Leadership Class - (2018-19)
  • Internals - Student-Athlete Advisory Association - (2020-present)