Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Delisha Mehta

Major and Graduation

Major and Graduation: Architecture - May 2025

Short-Term Goals

My short term goal is to focus on grasping knowledge in the field of Architecture, maintaining my GPA and applying for a co-terminal degree in the same.

Long-Term Goals

My long term goal is to work with different organisations on different levels (startup’s- well-known companies ) to carve my architectural skills. In this phase, I want to work with diversified teams and learn how to solve complex designing and living problems. Through this, I intend to explore some of the more niche techniques in the field and build a social network for future help and growth.

Leadership Experience

  • Student Mentor, College of Architecture (Aug, 2021- Present)
  • XOC Campus Brand Ambassador Riddle & Bloom, Boston, Massachusetts (Aug, 2021- Nov, 2021)
  • Public Relations Manager, Intinium Organisation (2021-Dec, 2021)
  • SGA Senator (2020-Present)