Leadership Academy Scholar Jason Scott
Plainfield, IL

Major and Graduation

Co-term Applied Math (B) & Computer Science (M) - Graduation Date: May 2024 

Short-Term Goals

Since I believe in continuous progression, my short-term goals align with my long-term goals so that accomplishing my short-term goals will bring me closer to achieving my long-term ones. For this reason, my short-term goals for college revolve around my education, social networking, and extracurricular involvement. My pursuit of higher education is what has brought me to Illinois Tech and is one of my top priorities. Therefore, my short-term goal is to stay dedicated to my studies and my pursuit of higher knowledge as well as thorough studying sessions. Another short-term goal is to increase my social network through daily engagements with others and to continually reach out to students that I may not know. This allows me to consistently practice my social skills as well as being able to familiarize myself with the faculty and student body. Both the studious and social dedication will also assist in accomplishing my third goal of maintaining involvement in extracurricular activities. My growing social network and knowledge will allow me to further contribute to the organizations that I am currently involved in as well as stimulate my passions and direct me to organizations that provide me with the opportunities to make a positive impact through my involvement.

Long-Term Goals

My mid-term goals of diversifying my knowledge and gaining experience within my field of study will be the bridge between my short-term and long-term goals. Accomplishing these mid-term goals will allow me to check my progress and be notifier of my development. Achieving diverse knowledge will be through my daily efforts of studying college materials, engaging with others, and my extracurricular involvement. The studious activities will ideally result in increased knowledge of aspects of my mathematical and computer science fields as well as overall computation. The continuous engagement with others will result in viewing and having an improved understanding of other perspectives to computational and material situations. With a wide range of extracurricular involvement, I will have opportunities to apply my gained knowledge and obtain leadership positions to further develop my soft skills. Through these constant actions and their significant outcomes, I will be able to achieve my mid-term goal of diversifying my knowledge. However, I will mainly rely on extracurricular research and studious activities to gain experience within my field. Through these two essential components, I will be able to develop my expertise and gain experience in the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science fields.

My long-term goals reflect on my passion to help others and a desire for an improved understanding. These long-term goals are to change the world. Accomplishing this feat will be through consistently attaining my short and mid-term goals and having my actions centered around helping others. I plan to help others through my knowledge obtained from Illinois Tech and by bringing innovation and connection to the masses.

Leadership Experience

  • Senator, Co-Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee, Vice President Candidate for Communication
  • Committee, Co-Host for the SGA Podcast, Liaison to the Presses, (Master of Ceremonies for the Trunk or Treat and Christmas & Hanukkah Celebration) - Student Government Association (SGA) – (Fall 2019 to Present)
  • Action Team member, Shepherd Team, Emcee and Treasurer - CRU at IIT - (Jan. 2020 to Present)
  • Lead Mathematician and Lead Coordinator - Hydroponics Research – (Jan. 2020 to Present)
  • Head of External Media - Intinium – (Fall 2019 to Present)
  • Treasurer & Event Host - American Statistical Society (AmStats) – (Fall 2019 to Present)
  • Conference Chair & Head of Marketing - Artificial Intelligence Student Association – (November 2019 to Present)
  • Event Host & Media Services - Machine Learning (ML) – (Fall 2019 to Present)
  • Student Advocate - Alcohol & Other Drugs Committee (AODC) – (Spring 2020 to Present)
  • Show Founder & Head DJ, Co-host - WIIT Radio – (Aug. 2019 to Present)
  • Co-founder - IIT Concert Committee – (Nov. 2019 to Present)
  • Residence Advisor - IIT ORL (Kacek) - (Aug. 7th to Present)