Leadership Academy Scholar Katia Flores
Guatemala, Guatemala

Major and Graduation

Physics and Biochemistry - Graduation Date: May 2022 

Short-Term Goals

Taking care of both my physical and mental health has always been an important part of my short-term goals. I hope to do this by continuing practicing sports and working out, as well as maintaining my love for music alive through both A Cappella and constant practicing of my beloved instruments.

I also hope to finally get my EMT certification and be able to serve as an active EMT on campus during this fall semester. This has been a goal I've been working towards for a long time now, and I'm very excited to see it finally come to life.

Academically, I hope to maintain my 3.5 GPA and continue working on medical research until my graduation. I want to continue learning and trying without letting the fear of failure paralyze me, and serve as a good example for my younger sisters. Similarly, I want to continue working in the organizations I'm already a part of and watch them flourish on campus.

Too often I get caught up in the busy day to day of classes and work, and forget to take time to make art, or read, or simply relax with my friends. Because of this, learning to take a moment to step back and breathe has turned into one of my main short-term goals this year.

Long-Term Goals

On long term, I hope to graduate from IIT and join an MD/Ph.D. program in order to eventually work as a health physicist in a hospital. In the last few years, I've realized the joy that being part of the medical field brings me, and hope to continue learning from and improving from it, as well as keeping my own health in check.

Some other goals are to learn more languages, travel around the work, and use my career to help people and give back to my country and family. Mostly, I hope to inspire minorities (especially female and Latin American people) to pursue careers in STEM fields and advocate for the importance of education both in Guatemala and other Central American countries.

One day, I also hope to be able to foster children, especially teenagers who are often lost in the system and give them the loving family they deserve. For me, the family has always been a vital part of who I am and what keeps me consistently moving forward, and I hope to be able to give that to others who have yet to find a place and people to call home.

Leadership Experience

  • Scholar - Leadership Academy - March 2020 to Present
  • Musical Director - IIT A Cappella - August 2020 to Present
  • Sisterhood Chair - Kappa Phi Delta - January 2020 to May 2020
  • Treasurer - IIT Emergency Medical Services - August 2019 to Present
  • Founder/President - CrossFIIT - January 2020 to Present
  • PR Chair - American Statistical Association - August 2019 to Present
  • SOAR Leader - Office of Campus Life - June 2019 to August 2019
  • First-Year Experience Mentor - August 2020 to Present