Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Matthew Nejedlo

Major and Graduation

Major and Graduation: Aerospace Engineering - May 2025

Short-Term Goals

My short term goal is simply to live one day at a time, in dedication to my journey and future success as an aerospace engineer. With a relentless yearning to become better in every aspect of “me,” I ensure that in the future I’ll have become a person that younger me envisioned. Socially I look to forge new relationships with my peers, being a positive and encouraging influence in the lives of people around me. Every once in a while we are fortunate enough to meet a person who makes our day brighter, and life even more beautiful. Simply, I would like to be that person to others. Of equal importance, I’d like to discover a deeper relationship with the connections I already have. My family and friends from home shaped me and forged my identity. Professionally I’m excited to bolster my resume with jobs and internships. With help from local companies and the IIT community I can create the luck I need to succeed. I’ll be the master of my academics and truly embrace the heart of learning to satiate the curiosity within me. More practically, short term I’m looking to save money by purchasing a house off campus and renting it out to my friends with the understanding that when I sell off my equity in a few years it’ll have been cheaper to live off campus than on. With that knowledge I’m super excited because I can also save my friends money if they choose to move in with me.

Long-Term Goals

Ultimately, my long term goal is to utilize my love for Aerospace Engineering to push the limits of what we know to be possible and to fuel a spirit of adventure towards the heavens. I think ultimately though, my goal is about people, and our collective home. As blaze a new path towards the stars it’s paramount we start with a firm foundation here at home. I hope I’ve explored, I hope I’ve raised a family, but I need to have reached the heart and soul of people. The call to explore is great, but being raised in a close community I believe that the call to love your brothers and sisters in the world is immeasurably greater. I can say with absolute certainty that in 60 years, I will be able to look back and smile. I’ll smile on a life well lived, moments experienced, and lives I’ve affected. I’ll have started a business, set policy, and overcome large scale tribulations.

Leadership Experience

  • High School JV/Varsity Team Captain(football)
  • Cadet Commander
  • Rocketry Team Leader
  • Robotics Team Mentor