Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Nabilah Siddiqui
Lombard, IL

Major and Graduation

Computer Science - May 2024

Short-Term Goals

I would like to continue being involved in student organizations such as Women in STEM and Gender Minorities (WiSTEM) and WiCYs (Women in Cybersecurity) while maintaining good academic standing. I would also like to continue working hard due to my passion for Computer Science.

As a student at Illinois Tech, I am an active member of ACMW, WISTEM, WICYS, and MSA. This extracurricular involvement has provided me with support and mentorship from other women in the Computer Science department at Illinois Tech. We have meetings and events dedicated to creating a community for women in tech here. Through these clubs/organizations, I have been provided with a safe and encouraging environment. Based on my interaction with like-minded women I have been able to gain a better understanding of other women scientists’ experience in the corporate world as they have given advice on how to approach the recruitment process. In addition, I plan to be very involved in the student organizations at Illinois Tech by joining the executive boards of different student organizations on campus in order to expand my network, support my initiatives, and even strengthen my professional credibility. I would also like to continue volunteering for non-profit organizations such as Muhsen because I want to take the initiative to help students with learning disabilities. Since it is difficult to help some of these organizations in person due to the pandemic, I’m able to continue fulfilling my job as a Muhsen Special Needs Sunday School Teacher virtually.

I hope to develop my leadership skills, build meaningful connections with others, and take the initiative to help people reach their goals. I aspire to grow and improve myself both professionally and personally by gaining new skills and experience.

Long-Term Goals

I would like to attain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as a part of my undergraduate education. After that, I want to receive a Professional Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity because I would like to take the initiative to prevent cyber attacks and help others realize the importance of the field of cybersecurity because it is in high demand. I would like to become proficient in several programming languages including but not limited to Java, Python, and C++. This would prepare me for an internship in Computer Science that would allow me to gain the needed industry experience. I would like to work for big tech companies such as Google or Apple sometime in the future.

My other goal is to continue volunteering at non-profit organizations and help my fellow peers around me in any way I can. Once I have gained enough experience in programming, I would like to become a mentor for the ACMW and WICYS mentorship programs especially since these programs have truly impacted me by giving me career guidance during the first semester of my freshman year. I would like to take the initiative to help the community around me by trying to incorporate diversity and inclusion because I want to help take the initiative to empower women in the STEM fields.

In addition, I strongly believe that growing my network is also important so I would like to create a non-profit organization that empowers more young women to join the STEM field. My primary focus would be on educating others on the future of technology, especially on the different branches of computer science. I also want to educate others on the importance of cybersecurity as it is currently in high demand now. Another way in which I want to help out in my community is that I want to take the initiative to help children with special needs and serve as a role model for the others around me as I have had some prior experience with this since last summer.

Leadership Experience

  • International Day Fundraiser - UNICEF High School Club, 2016
  • Youth Services Assistant for Summer Reading Program - Helen Plum Library, 2018
  • 12th Grade Representative - ICTM, 2020
  • Special Needs Teacher - MUHSEN, 2020 - Present
  • Computer Science Representative - Women in STEM and Gender Minorities (WiSTEM), 2021 - Present
  • Leadership Academy Scholar - Leadership Academy, 2021 - Present
  • Secretary - Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys), 2021 - Present