Leadership Academy Scholar Naia Lum
Honolulu, Hawaii

Major and Graduation

Mechanical Engineering - Graduation Date: May 2024 

Short-Term Goals

My short term personal goals revolve around adaptation and finding balance. As it is my first year in college amid a global pandemic, I aim to have the ability to adapt and learn from unforeseen situations. Another goal of mine is to find balance and control in my personal and professional life. Throughout my high school years, I’ve focused on my academic development and extracurricular activities, leaving little room for self-reflection and personal growth. I plan to improve on these aspects by starting my day with journaling, reflecting on my health, day-to-day interactions, and finally set an intention for each day.

Regarding my academic and career-based goals, I want to constantly challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone. Whether it be through applying for a selective internship or saying “yes” to an unexpected opportunity, I hope to gain new knowledge and confidence through seeking discomfort. Additionally, I want to strive for academic excellence, not only in receiving good grade averages but also in understanding and expanding upon the material I learn. As an avid maker, my passion lies with hands-on projects. I plan to pursue another project tying in the lessons I learn within the classroom with the implementation of technical skills.

Long-Term Goals

In the long term, I aim to pursue projects that have positive impacts that expand beyond myself. I want to serve the greater good for the environment and those who live in it. While I am unsure of how I will go about pursuing this goal, I strive to stay true to myself and my core values. Some of these values consist of empathy, passion, and strength. I understand that I need to maintain these values throughout my career opportunities to stay true to the impact I want to have on the world.

Another goal of mine is to continue to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors centered around solving global problems utilizing technology. I hope to gain knowledge by analyzing my failures and successes to offer a positive contribution to the world. I also have a deep desire to take on jobs in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and maybe even Asia. Those experiences would allow me to explore and understand the greater world, contributing to my overall knowledge of how to make positive impacts on more than just the United States.

In my lifetime, I hope to leave positive impacts on our world while always being open to self-evaluation and learning opportunities.

Leadership Experience

  • Scholar - Duchossois Leadership - Spring 2020-Present
  • Scholar - Leadership Academy - Spring 2020-Present
  • Alumni Team Leader - Nalukai Foundation - Summer 2020
  • Co-Founder - EcoCrates - Summer 2019-Winter 2019
  • Lead - ‘Iolani Hackers - 2018-2020
  • Co-Lead - Ignite Initiative - 2018-2020