Leadership Academy Scholar Olumayowa A.J. Ige
Esa-Oke, Nigeria

Major and Graduation

Architecture - May 2022

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals are currently guided by my academic and non-academic aspirations. In terms of my academic priorities, I would like to maintain a high G.P.A. for the remainder of my time as a student of Illinois Tech. My belief will always be for my academic performance to be a reflection of my commitment and genuine interest in every class I am a student of. In the near future, I plan on graduating with honors from IIT’s Bachelor of Architecture Program and proceeding to use the knowledge I’ve gained to achieve my long-term goals. For my current goals as an architecture student, I plan to continuously build & improve my architecture portfolio by working on and completing my mandatory assigned projects in the classroom and by taking part in design competitions & projects outside of the classroom in an attempt to challenge my design ability, and also increase my architectural prowess overall. I plan on acquiring as much knowledge from my professors, architecture professionals and my fellow architecture students by engaging in thoughtful conversation (in and out of the classroom), applying for internships at architecture firms guided by various design & driving principles, and working together to create elaborate, sustainable & affordable designs that are of benefit to the built environment, respectively.

I will continue to use my involvement in on-campus organizations (architectural and non-architectural) as a medium to test, improve & challenge my leadership skills. Being an effective, proactive and advantageous member of these organizations (such as the Leadership Academy) is a continuous goal of mine. Lastly, this coming holiday, I plan on continuing the coordination of my sport brand’s (The Top V) youth empowerment sporting events in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria by setting up newer editions of the sporting competitions (football, basketball, volleyball etc.) in attempt to increase my business knowledge & skill and to bridge the gap between youth of different cultural, economic and societal backgrounds through sportsmanship and teamwork.

Long-Term Goals

My long-term goal, in life, is to be content. In every situation I set my heart on and my head in, my only hope is that I am embarking on a journey that will provide satisfaction and an avenue that enables me to touch the lives of others, in any way possible. My top priority in life is to take a lesson away from every experience and to live a life with no regrets. In terms of Architecture, I plan to found my own architectural practice after possessing and improving on the business, leadership and architectural skills provided by the achievement of my short-term goals.

My dream & long-term goal has always been to provide shelter for those who are unable to provide for themselves. I dream of a world where all citizens of the earth have a roof over their heads and the homeless have a place to call home. My attempt at bringing this dream into fruition is by working to provide sustainable and affordable housing for all (or as many as physically possible). One principle I strongly believe in is the Empowerment of Youth. The youth are not only the future, but they are the present. A goal of mine is to reinforce this principle by the continuous renewal of The Top V Sporting Competitions and ensuring they remain youth-coordinated in an attempt to develop both entrepreneurial and leadership skills in high-school and newly accepted college students. This will not only set them ahead of their peers in terms of university applications and work experience, but also set them up for success in their careers and possible business ventures. Lastly, due to my interest in national politics, I hope to run for a position of political power in the far future. It is my belief that the aforementioned goals would not only assist in the acquisition of this position, but also this position would assist in the further realization of these aforementioned goals.

Growing up, I was once told that we could dream as much and as large as our minds would allow us; the sky was the limit. There are footsteps on the moon; the sky has never been the limit.

Leadership Experience

  • President – African Students Organization – (2018 – 2019)
  • Vice President – NOMAS – (2019 – Present)
  • Co-Director – NOMAScape (2020 – Present)
  • Year Representative – AIAS – (2017 – 2018)
  • Founder/Coordinator – The Top V – (2015 – Present)
  • Scholar – Leadership Academy – (2019 – Present)
  • Head Boy (School President) – The Vale College – (2016 – 2017)
  • Student Representative Council Speaker – The Vale College – (2016 – 2017)
  • Football Team Captain – The Vale College – (2015 – 2017)
  • Debate Team Captain – The Vale College – (2016)
  • Scholar – Yale Young African Scholars Program – (2016)
  • Delegate – African Leadership Academy Model African Union – (2015)