Leadership Academy Scholar Rafael Uriel Garcia
Plainfield, Illinois

Major and Graduation

Biomedical Engineering - December 2022

Short-Term Goals

My short-term goals are heavily centered around leadership skills development and improvement in a campus setting. It has been a privilege to take on the position of President of the Global Languages Organization. As an organization, I hope to be able to better promote language learning in a school that does not offer traditional language courses; I hope to garner interest and increase involvement by implementing new types of events, especially with the current pandemic, and improve on established events made by my predecessor. These ideas can only be realized through effective leadership, so I seek to be able to learn how to better lead through the teachings of the Leadership Academy. I also seek to maintain a balance between extracurricular activities and academics so that I may continue to maintain my desired GPA as well as understand the material being conveyed in class. As the year progresses, I aim to network with my department and people in my field of interest so that I may eventually apply my skills towards projects that are more relevant to my career path.

On a more personal note, my short-term goals also include perfecting my fluency in my native language, Spanish, as well as the French language by consistently practicing. I hope to eventually become proficient in other languages I am interested in such as German, Italian, and Japanese. I also aim to have a balanced diet and exercising regimen, and, consequently, a more structured daily schedule.

Long-Term Goals

The choice to study Biomedical Engineering arose from the desire to combine the element of abstract thinking engineering calls for and a sense of altruism. It is my mission to apply my capabilities in a fashion that aids people, in general. I view a contribution to the world of medicine as a contribution to humanity; therefore, I hope to be able to exercise my profession in the field of pharmaceutical drug development, improvement, and delivery. My goal is to focus on currently untreatable diseases as well as chronic diseases; although, I hope that R&D will also allow me to improve on established treatments. In addition, I wish to work with international organizations to render medication and other medical services more accessible to areas that require aid. Every day, I reflect on the fortunate life I have led as I realize that there are those in need, especially in my country of origin. Once I obtain my degree, I desire to lend my gratuitous knowledge and services to organizations whose overall organizational goals align with my personal goals.

Leadership Experience

  • Public Relations Officer – Q.E.D.: The Ethical Debaters – August 2018 to August 2019
  • President – Global Languages Organization – January 2019 to Current
  • Scholar – Leadership Academy – April 2019 to Current
  • Teacher Assistance – Exelon Summer Institute – April 2019 to July 2
  • Secretary – Omega Delta National Fraternity – April 2020 to December 2020
  • President – Omega Delta National Fraternity – December 2020 to Present