Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Rishabh Tyagi
New Delhi, India

Major and Graduation

Computer Science - Graduation Date: December 2022

Short-Term Goals

I am a big believer in dreaming big, an even bigger believer in starting small and acting now. This approach has been really beneficial for me as it gives me the momentum that I need to start doing something. The big dream gives me the drive to finish it. At this moment in my life, taking care of my family is one of my top priorities. Taking care of myself and acquiring new skills which I can capitalize on are also two major priorities right now. Therefore, in the short term, not only do I want to excel academically, but I also want to expand my horizons and knowledge by getting involved in activities beyond academics. This year I also want to learn stock and options trading. This could another avenue where I could generate an income. I could then invest more, remit more money back home and help my family. Over the summer, I am trying to get more experience in developing web applications. I want to freelance as soon as possible. I feel these skills would help me secure some contracts and then I could send money back home to help my mom and dad. While trying to maintain good grades, I also plan to make a significant contribution to the student community as a member of the SGA and Leadership Academy. I want to instill a feeling among the student community to give back to university once we graduate.

Long-Term Goals

"One day at a time" is the philosophy I am trying to live my life. I have realized that keeping my mind in present is my trump card for striving towards my goals and desires. It brings my mind back either from future thoughts or past regrets to work on my daily goals. Over the long run, I want to develop good habits that last for a long time. Meditation, eating healthy, working out, journaling, reading, and free-writing are some of the habits I want myself to stick to in the long run.

I want to create as many employment opportunities as I can. This has filled me with a desire to have a company of my own that is working on a product or technology. I want to work on something that brings a paradigm shift in the world of technology. Through this, I hope to dedicate time to solve some sort of societal problem through my knowledge as a technologist. I expect my passion for technology and coding will continue to develop into a fulfilling career. I want to use all I learned during my time here at IIT to make people's lives better, easier, and safer.

Leadership Experience

  • Scholar - Leadership Academy- 2020-present
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs Committee- Student Government Association - 2020-2021
  • Senator, College of Computing- Student Government Association - 2019-2020
  • President - High School Student Government- 2017-2018