Center for Leadership Academy Scholar Ryan Manthy
Arlington Heights, IL

Major and Graduation

Computer Science – May 2024 

Short-Term Goals

In the short term, my goal is to become more involved in on-campus affairs. As somebody interested in improving the accessibility of systems for marginalized people, I find myself involved in a lot of government and political work off-campus. However, I feel there is so much opportunity to effect the same kind of change on campus. Particularly, I hope to serve on the e-board of one or two social justice organizations on campus and use my role as a VP of Events to encourage the school to promote equity on campus. I also intend to remain involved as Treasurer of Intinium and off-campus with political and non-profit work. It is my sincere hope that I can better understand myself and the world around me through these involvements. Moreover, I would like to get involved in undergraduate research on the applications of blockchain technology in voting, maintain a good GPA, and build meaningful relationships with my friends and peers in college. Last, I hope to encompass all of my experiences to better understand who I am and how I can be an active citizen.

Long-Term Goals

After my undergraduate degree, I hope to attend graduate school and obtain a master’s in public policy and a Ph.D. in computer science. During this time, I intend on further exploring the relationship between government and technology. Specifically, I am fascinated by how technology impacts our elections and how it can improve access to democracy for communities who find it difficult to access polling places, government offices, and other important state resources. Upon completing my education, I hope to be a professor and policy advisor on technology regulation. This is a position that I feel would be intellectually, emotionally, and intrinsically rewarding. I aspire to use my education and resources to positively impact the lives of people close and distant to me and feel that my role in this world is to be an educator and an organizer. Serving in an academic and research capacity would enable me to fulfill my role and achieve my purpose. Ultimately, I hope to live out my life in a way such that I am making the world a better place than the way it was when it came to me.

Leadership Experience

  • VP of Events, Student Government Association - 2021-current
  • Treasurer, Intinium - 2020-current
  • Executive Director, The Committee to Draft Michelle Obama - May 2020 - September 2020
  • Chief of Staff, Cal Woods for Iowa - Jan 2020 - May 2020
  • Chair, Youth Advisory Board to State Representative Mark Walker. - Aug 2019 - April 2020