Center for Leadership Academy Scholars Yasaman Mostafavi
St.Louis, Missouri

Major and Graduation

Computer Science - May 2023

Short-Term Goals

I often talk about wanting to “be the best I possibly can be”, and I believe that this simple drive to be the “best” accompanies my belief that one must constantly be learning to be the best they possibly can be. I work hard to develop short term goals that surround becoming a better learner and that will feed into my long term goals.

For short term goals that are difficult to quantify, such as connecting with my peers at IIT and being a more open minded and empathetic learner, I partake in mindful journaling and introspection frequently. Normally, these goals include improving soft skills, or participating in projects. For my daily goals, I have a habit tracker where I track my progress towards small daily goals such as doing 3 pieces of homework, writing down something I am grateful for, or working out. These daily goals keep me consistent, healthy, and sharp. Daily goal checks have kept me true to my goals, and have allowed me to “fail fast” if I write unreasonable goals. To me, failing fast means the chance to rewrite goals and always be looking a few steps ahead. Realizing this and learning how to overcome disappointments quickly is just as important to me as setting and accomplishing said goals.

Long-Term Goals

When I think of an individual completely dedicated to servitude, I immediately think to my high school computer science teacher. In a random spur of advice giving he said to the class, “Give back to the things that make you”. Since then, I have reflected on this advice and have developed a set of goals to ensure I not only give back to the organizations and people who made me, but also help others rise with me as I move through life. Once I graduate with my degree in Computer Science, I want to use my powers for good and develop software and products that focus on bettering society or the lives of others. As I have engaged in the computer science world, I have so many strong women mentor me and help me succeed. I plan to dedicate time to mentor young women in computer science and STEM fields just as they did for me. I believe STEM education and important extracurriculars of all sorts should be available to all children regardless of the neighborhood they live in. I strive to be a trailblazer in developing more inclusive and relevant computer science education in schools, colleges, and in the workforce.

Leadership Experience

  • President/Founder - Go Run IIT (GRIIT) - Sept 2020 to Current
  • Board of Trustees/Website Project Manager - Backpat Tutoring - May 2020 to Current
  • Head Webmaster/UI UX Lead - Google Developer Student Club - 2019 to 2020
  • Lead Developer - Pattonville Computer Science Senior Capstone - 2018 to 2019
  • Captain - Pattonville Robotics 2867 Degrees of Freedom - Aug 2017 to Dec 2018
  • Exec Board - Pattonville Robotics - 2015 to 2019