Advanced Software Engineering Certificate

Certificate in Advanced Software Development

TechReady Illinois is a collaborative, statewide effort that brings together Illinois’s top-tier academic institutions, leading employers, and local tech-focused nonprofits.

Illinois Institute of Technology is proud to be part of this collaboration by offering certificates designed for working professionals who are either looking to upgrade/expand their information technology skills or make a career change.

As a TechReady Illinois partner, we are able to offer our certificate courses at a discounted rate. Each course is $1,200 (excluding books), and each certificate program includes three to four courses that are required to be completed. 

Program Overview

The certificate in advanced software development program is designed for students seeking to enhance their skills as a software developer. Students may apply credits earned in the certificate program toward a graduate degree.

Participants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or a related field, including having taken courses equivalent to those listed in the pre-requisites below.


Complete nine credit hours/three courses from the list below to earn the certificate in advanced software development:

ITMD 515 Advanced Software Programming (three credit hours)

This course considers web container application development for enterprise systems. The primary focus is on database connectivity (JDBC) integration with web application programming using an enterprise-level application framework. A web application term project considers the design and implementation of a database instance that serves as the information tier in a contemporary three-tier enterprise solution.

ITMM 571 Project Management for ITM (three credit hours)

Project Management for Information Technology Management teaches the basic principles of project management, which includes software development concepts of requirements analysis, object modeling and design, and software testing. Management of application development and major web development projects will also be addressed.

ITMD 511 Application Development Methodologies (three credit hours)

Students learn concepts in a systematic approach to the analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of software, which includes studies of the various models of the software life cycle, software development project management, system requirements analysis, and methodologies for practical application of these models to software development including the use of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools. Students apply these principles in projects to improve the quality of their development process and final products.

Prerequisite(s): ITMD 510

ITMD 513 Open Source Programming (three credit hours)

Contemporary open-source programming languages and frameworks are presented. Students consider design and development topics in system, graphical user interface, network, and web programming. Dynamic scripting languages are covered using object-oriented, concurrent, and functional programming paradigms. Concepts learned throughout the course are reinforced with numerous exercises that culminate in an open-source programming project.

Prerequisite(s): ITMD 510 with minimum grade of C

ITMO 556 Intro to Open Source Software (three credit hours)

Students create projects that exercise and expand their understanding of intelligent device application development. Instructional materials and lectures are provided as needed to support projects. The scope and deliverables will be determined through the joint decision of the instructor and students. Students will describe requirements, create test plans as needed, demonstrate the application when applicable, create a written description of the work, and may deliver a formal presentation to an audience appropriate to the scope and scale of the work completed. This course may be taken more than once but only six hours of ITMD 556 credit may be applied to a degree.

Prerequisite(s): ITMD 553 with minimum grade of C or ITMD 554 with minimum grade of C or ITMD 555 with minimum grade of C

ITMS 518 Coding Security (3 credit hours)

This course examines security architecture elements within modern object-oriented programming languages that create the framework for secure programming. Analysis of components and services with their inherent strength and weaknesses give rise to common coding security challenges. An exploration of identity management, encryption services, and common hacking techniques will enable the student's ability to develop secure code. Homework assignments and projects will reinforce the theories that are taught.


Admission to a graduate certificate program is limited to those who qualify as non-degree graduate students and who hold a bachelor's degree with a grade-point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or higher.

A GRE score is not required.




If you have any questions about the IT Professional Certificate program, contact Hong Zhang, IT Certificate Advisor, at 630.682.6035 or hzhan121@iit.edu