Certificate in A+, Network+ Certification Training with Cyber Tech

Certificate in A+, Network+ Certification Training with Cyber Tech

TechReady Illinois is a collaborative, statewide effort that brings together Illinois’s top-tier academic institutions, leading employers, and local tech-focused nonprofits.

Illinois Institute of Technology is proud to be part of this collaboration by offering certificates designed for working professionals who are either looking to upgrade/expand their information technology skills or make a career change.

As a TechReady Illinois partner, we are able to offer our certificate courses at a discounted rate. Each course is $1,200 (excluding books), and each certificate program includes three to four courses that are required to be completed. 

Program Overview

The A+, Network+ Certification Training with Cyber Security Professional Certificate is awarded to students after successful completion of three courses: A+ Certification Training, Network+ Certification Training I, and Cyber Security Technologies. Students entering the program with background in networking may take an elective course in place of Network+ Certification Training I. Most often, these courses can be successfully completed in one year or less.

Career Opportunities

The median salary of an information security analyst is $99,730, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job growth among information security analysts is expected to increase 32% by 2028.

Related job titles in this area include computer and information systems administrators, computer network architects, and computer systems analysts.


Participants must have knowledge of PC hardware and software, knowledge of operating systems, and knowledge of file and directory concepts for acceptance into the A+/Network+/Security+ program. An additional question-and-answer session regarding prerequisite knowledge for admission may be required.


IT 801 A+ Certification Training

Participants study the basics of computer architecture and learn to use a contemporary operating system. Hardware requirements, microcomputer components, software compatibility and system installation and options are covered, along with post-installation topics, storage, security, system diagnosis and repair.

IT-O 840 Network+ Certification Training

This course covers current and evolving data network technologies, protocols, network components, and the networks that use them, focusing on the Internet and related LANs. The state of worldwide networking and its evolution will be discussed. This course covers the Internet architecture, organization, and protocols including Ethernet, 802.11, routing, the TCP/UDP/IP suite, DNS, Bluetooth, SNMP, DHCP, and more. Students with networking background may replace this course with an elective.

IT-S 848 Cyber Security Technologies

Prepares students for a role as a network security analyst and administrator. Topics include hacking, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures; network security protocols, encryption, identity and authentication, scanning, firewalls, security tools, and organizations addressing security.




If you have any questions about the IT Professional Certificate program, contact Hong Zhang, IT Certificate Advisor, at 630.682.6035 or hzhan121@iit.edu