SAT Assistant Professor Has Article on Microteaching for Cybersecurity Faculty Published


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Maurice Dawson, an assistant professor of information technology and management in Illinois Institute of Technology’s School of Applied Technology, was a part of a group that recently had its research on cybersecurity faculty development published in the first edition of the International Journal of Applied Management Theory and Research.


Dawson, who is also the director of Illinois Tech’s Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education, teamed with Darrell Norman Burrell (Florida Institute of Technology), Ashley Dattola (Capella University), and Calvin Nobles (Temple University) to research and write an article titled “A Practical Exploration of Cybersecurity Faculty Development With Microteaching.”


The article looks at what role microteaching, or an instructor observing what works and what doesn’t within the classroom for students and implementing changes, could have on developing cybersecurity faculty who can educate a skilled workforce that is ready to contribute to a rapidly growing sector.