Frequently Asked Questions - Domestic

This page lists the most commonly asked questions asked by students in the Domestic Certificates Program.

General PROGRAM Questions

Q. How many courses do I have to take to earn a Professional Certificate?

A. The minimum to earn a Professional Certificate is 3 successfully completed courses. Many students take more than 3.

Q. Can I earn anything if I only complete 2 courses?

A. Yes. With successful completion of 2 courses a student will earn a Career Certificate.

Q. What do you mean by a “Certificate”?

A. Students will be graduated in the Illinois Tech system as having earned a Professional or Career Certificate with a concentration in one area. In addition, students receive a paper diploma with and Illinois Tech emblem showing that they have graduated. The paper diploma is of the same type and quality as a degree.


Q. How much is the Professional Certificate?

A. Each course is $2650. Therefore, the Professional Certificate will be $7950 for the three courses.

Q. Is there any Financial Aid?

A. No. Certificate programs do not qualify for any federal or university financial aid. However, they do qualify for WIOA or TAA funding.

Q. Are these programs eligible for WIOA funding?

A. Yes, all of the Professional Certificate Programs are approved for those receiving WIOA funds. See:

Q. How do I pay for my tuition?

A. Students paying their own tuition can pay by credit card via the Finance tab on the student portal page. Students getting funded through WIOA or TAA must submit their vouchers before the add/drop date.

Q. What about books?

A. Books are included in your tuition.

Q. What about Health Insurance?

A. All students enrolled at Illinois Tech must have a health insurance policy. If you already have health insurance you will need to waive Illinois Tech's student health insurance at the beginning of a semester. If you don't have health insurance the Illinois Tech Student Health Insurance Plan is an excellent plan at a very inexpensive cost. Ask the Program Manager for details.

Application & Registration

Q. How do I apply?

A. On the bottom of each page in the website,, there is a red button which will take you to the online application form. The only thing needed with the application is an upload of your resume.

Q. Who is my advisor?

A. The program manager is your advisor.

Q. When do the courses start?

A. Students in the Certificate programs sit in the same classes as the Illinois Tech degree-seeking students. Therefore the start of the courses is the same as the university semester starts.

Start dates generally run:

    Fall: late August to early December - 16 weeks

    Spring: early January to late April - 16 weeks

    Summer: mid May to late July - 8 weeks (courses are double time)

Please see the Illinois Tech academic calendar at for exact start dates.

Q. Is there an application deadline?

A. No, as long as the Illinois Tech application to the university can be completed before the start of a semester, and a seat is available in a course, then an applicant can start.

Q. What do I need to register into a course?

A. First of all, a student must have been admitted to Illinois Tech and have received a student number (CWID - Campus Wide ID) commonly referred to a the “A” number because it starts with an A. Also needed is the Illinois Tech email address, commonly referred to as a HAWK email as it will have HAWK in it. For example:

The student will also need to know the CRN (Course Registration Number) for the class and section they want to attend. The instructions on how to find this will be explained in the Student Handbook. As there can be multiple sections of the same course, with different times and instructors, students should be careful to select the correct CRN for the actual class they want.

Q. What if I change my mind about taking a course or need to drop the course?

A. You must speak with your advisor immediately so that they may assist you. Please note, however, that you may NOT make changes to your courses after the university's add/drop date has passed.

Online Courses

Q. How do online courses work?

A. Online courses at Illinois Tech consist of a video of the actual lecture that is then uploaded within 24 hours for viewing. Therefore, the student enrolled in an online section watches the same lecture as in class students. Online students interact with the instructor via the platform called Blackboard.

Q. If I am doing the class online, how do I take my final exam?

A. Usually you will be expected to appear in person at the Mies Campus or Rice Campus for the final exam, but it may depend on the professor. Please contact your professor for more information. There may be an option to take the final exam online.

Q. How do I get graded?

A. Certificate students are considered Continuing Education and therefore get Continuing Education Units, (CEUs) not Credits. With CEUs, a P (pass) or F (fail) is given as the grade on the student’s official transcripts. The Office of Professional Development will send the student, a few weeks after the finish of a course, a Final Report which will give the student the percentage earned in a course. For example, a student may have earned a 72%, 99%, etc.


Q. Will Illinois Tech help me find a job? Is there any Career Counseling?

A. Students finishing the certificate program are welcome to contact Illinois Tech's Career Services or the advisors in the ITM department for career and job information.

Q. Where do I get my Illinois Tech ID (Hawk Card)?

A. Hawk Cards can be picked up at the ACaPS office in Hermann Hall.

Q. Do you have any other locations beside the South Side campus?

A. Yes, we will sometimes have classes available at our Rice Campus.