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The Sustainable Business Innovation Clinic (SBIC) at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business is a vehicle for bridging the gap between theoretical and practical concepts of business education, while extending learning beyond the lecture-room into actual practice. The SBIC concentrates on business diagnostics, development, and marketing, with a focus on supporting sustainable economic development through innovation.

The Sustainable Business Innovation Clinic’s Strategic Design


Multidisciplinary, qualified, and experienced teams of faculty and students provide both technical and business solutions to public- and private-sector organizations. Problem diagnostics and solutions are formulated in a collaborative environment involving both industry and academic units. Ongoing communication with industry ensures on-time delivery of the results.

SBIC aims to boost economic development in Illinois through collaboration with small- and medium-size industry. By focusing on the importance of business diagnostics for a company’s economic success, SBIC provides process, product, and business design diagnostics to businesses through the SBIC educational paradigm.

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