The Sustainable Business Innovation Clinic (SBIC) operates under the guidance of a management team and a board of advisors consisting of participating academic units at Illinois Tech, industry representatives, and entities such as the Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center, which could provide access to a wide range of industrial networks, plus student and alumni representatives.

SBIC academic teams consisting of students and faculty advisors also provide business diagnostics to industries and businesses that are affiliated with SBIC. More specifically, innovative sustainable solutions will be provided to areas of concern identified by industry partners utilizing multidisciplinary teams of faculty. The Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Project and Solution Formulation Project will be completed as coursework, for the development of an academic thesis, through internships, or as optional practical training in industry.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in promoting sustainable economic development through innovation in science, engineering, and management in interdisciplinary research and education.

Our Mission

To promote education and research in the areas of sustainable economic development while contributing significantly to the development of businesses at local, national, and global levels, focusing on innovations in product/process/operation/supply-chain design.


To differentiate Illinois Tech by offering a multidisciplinary education concentrating on business innovation and sustainability in a close relationship with industry and business.


  • Enhancing student academic experiences
  • Promoting experiential learning
  • Providing real-world experience
  • Understanding the interdisciplinary nature of business development processes and engineering design
  • Creating value, reputation, and visibility for Illinois Tech programs and graduates
  • Promoting sustainable economic development