Finance Specialization

Chicago, home to the world’s largest markets in financial derivatives, is a global financial center. Stuart School of Business has the combination of deep connections within the finance industry in Chicago, highly-respected faculty, and cutting-edge finance curriculum that can prepare you for an exciting career in finance.

In the Finance specialization, Stuart School of Business undergraduates develop a depth of knowledge in finance that complements the solid foundation in business fundamentals and the quantitative and analytical skills they have gained in the business administration major.

Courses provide an overview of economic principles for business and managerial decision-making, concepts of microeconomics, macroeconomic principles, asset pricing theory, capital investments and cash flows, shareholder value, pricing and risk management of derivative securities, and other topics in finance.

The specialization also offers a strong academic background for Stuart’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Master of Science in Finance accelerated master’s program, through which a student can graduate from Illinois Tech with two degrees in as few as five years.


The Finance specialization provides excellent background for jobs as a financial analyst at financial institutions and other businesses or in governmental agencies. Some of the specific job titles for financial analysts include financial risk specialist, fund manager, investment analyst, portfolio manager, ratings analyst, credit analyst, and securities analyst.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of financial analysts is projected to grow six percent from 2020 to 2030. The increased demand is expected to be fueled by a growing range of financial products and the need for in-depth knowledge of geographic regions, emerging markets throughout the world that are providing new investment opportunities, and big data and technological improvements that allow financial analysts to conduct high-quality analysis.


In addition to courses required for the business administration major, the Finance specialization requires the following six courses (18 credit hours). Each course listed below is three credit hours.

  • BUS 382—Business Economics
  • BUS 452—International Finance
  • BUS 454—Investments
  • BUS 455—Corporate Finance
  • BUS 456—Financial Economics
  • BUS 458—Financial Derivatives

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