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Professional Communication Advancement Program (PCA)

Stuart School of Business in Chicago partners with English Language Services to provide the Professional Communication Advancement (PCA) program for students to refine their global communications skills and cultural competency.

Building on students’ current abilities, PCA is designed to help students achieve success during their time at Stuart and as they move into the job market and the global business environment.

PCA offers a variety of half-semester courses, each targeting specific communications competencies. Students will take part in customized language advancement studies that meet their personal needs.

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Language Assessment Requirements

All students—regardless of country of origin or citizenship—are required to participate in an assessment of their English skills if both of the following criteria have not been achieved: 1) a bachelor’s degree from the U.S. and 2) speaking English as their first/native language. The English language assessment evaluates the student in each of the following areas: speaking, listening, pronunciation, academic writing, and business writing.

If the in-person assessment of a student’s English skills indicates a need for additional English instruction, then the recommended sequence of courses becomes a requirement that the student must fulfill in order to graduate. Historically, nearly all international students attending Stuart are in need of one or more courses in the Professional Communication Advancement (PCA) program.

Course Fees

The course fee for PCA courses is available on Illinois Tech’s Student Accounting webpage. Prices may change without notice as the university determines annual course fees.

SPEAK Conversation Group

Practice English, share experiences, expand culturally, and meet other Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff over lunch. SPEAK meets weekly over the lunch hour during the fall and spring semesters at the IIT Tower on Mies Campus.

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