Business Degree Is Solid Foundation for Law School

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“There were a few factors that really influenced my decision” to enroll at Illinois Tech, says Afreen Mohiuddin. “I was looking to stay local to Chicago and knew the school had a strong business program, which was something I was really looking for as an undergraduate.”

The biggest factor, though, was being accepted into the university’s Honors Law Program, which has given her an accelerated path to completing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree and admittance to Chicago-Kent College of Law.

“I think Stuart School of Business does a great job of balancing theory and practice in its courses and curriculum, which allows students to really get a well-rounded sense of business as it applies in the real world,” says Mohiuddin. “You get a lot of personalized attention from your professors, which does a lot to boost the quality of your education.”

“By virtue of belonging to a tech school, Stuart places a lot of emphasis on the more STEM-oriented parts of business,” she says. “That focus, in combination with my concentration in finance, is something that’s given me a really in-depth understanding of my field of study and gives me a really strong foundation for my legal studies in the future.”

Bachelor’s degree in hand, Mohiuddin is on to law school to pursue a Juris Doctor degree. She has been accepted into Chicago-Kent’s Honors Scholars program, which includes a full-tuition scholarship plus opportunities to work closely with faculty in an honors seminar, a law and public policy project, and collaboration on a scholarly paper.

Looking ahead to her career, she says, “I’d like to pursue something within the umbrella of corporate law—possibly SEC [United States Securities and Exchange Commission] or employment law.”

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