A New Job and an Expanding Range of Clients

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With nearly a decade of professional experience in corporate accounting and finance, including at a global law firm and a top advertising agency, Felicia James chose the Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) program at Stuart School of Business so she could learn more about issues related to governance and make a shift in her career to serving more public sector and government agency clients.

“In order to excel within this field, I have learned that having a competitive advantage will take a professional far within their career,” James says, “and that has pushed me to stay dedicated to achieving my career goals of furthering my knowledge and being promoted.”

“I really appreciate the real-world assignments and discussions the professors at Stuart have provided,” she says. “Each professor takes their time with each assignment as well as planning the semester.”

James credits her experience at Stuart with her success in being hired by Accenture, where her role includes handling more governmental clients.

“I walked in [for the interview at Accenture] fully prepared,” she says. “The interview was set to last for five hours and each interviewee was assigned a case study where we had to calculate the profit margin for a client, suggest how to increase the profit margin, and then present our case to the directors and managers.”

“I do not believe I would have excelled at the interview task if it was not for classes in the M.P.A. program at Stuart,” says James. “This exercise was very similar to what I was assigned to do in the PA 532 [Public Financial Management] class throughout the semester. Also, being able to comfortably present in front of leadership during an interview was from preparation in my classes at Stuart.”

“From policy design to public financial management to social entrepreneurship, what I learned in the M.P.A. program is all applicable to my professional career,” she says.

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