A Ph.D. student conducts air quality research in a lab

Master’s Programs in Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

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Master’s programs in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering prepare students to address the myriad challenges in engineering new and existing infrastructure. Our programs prepare students to make significant contributions in areas of construction and project management, structural design and forensics, environmental remediation, transportation planning, and building energy and environmental systems engineering, with an emphasis on sustainable practices. With industry-relevant hands-on experiences as well as opportunities to build leadership and entrepreneurial skills, our graduates find success in a wide range of professional settings in both the public and private sector.

Degrees Offered

  • Architectural Engineering (M.ENG.)
  • Architectural Engineering (M.S.)
  • Civil Engineering (M.S.)
  • Construction Engineering and Management (M.ENG.)
  • Energy Systems, Energy Conservation, and Buildings Track (M.ENG.)
  • Engineering Management, Project Management Track (M.A.S.)
  • Environmental Engineering (M.ENG.)
  • Environmental Engineering (M.S.)
  • Environmental Engineering with E3 Specialization (M.S.)
  • Environmental Engineering with Specialization in Energy/Environment/Economics (E3) (M.ENG.)
  • Public Works (Infrastructure Engineering and Management) (M.P.W.)
  • Structural Engineering (M.ENG.)
  • Transportation Engineering (M.ENG.)Urban Systems Engineering (M.ENG.)