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Bachelor of Science Programs in Engineering

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Illinois Institute of Technology undergraduate engineering programs prepare our students for a career where they can make contributions in service to humanity, solving complex problems facing today’s global society. We train students in an interdisciplinary environment that emphasizes hands-on learning, teamwork, and leadership. Illinois Tech's unique Elevate program guarantees students experiences such as internships and research. Our students build everything from rockets to neural prostheses to novel battery designs. They contribute to NASA missions, work on world-class infrastructure projects, and win national cybersecurity championships. No matter your area of interest, engineering prepares you to be a change-maker and innovator in your field.

Degrees Offered

  • Aerospace Engineering (B.S.)
  • Architectural Engineering (B.S.)
  • Biomedical Engineering (B.S.): Cell and Tissue Engineering Track
  • Biomedical Engineering (B.S.): Medical Imaging Track
  • Biomedical Engineering (B.S.): Neural Engineering Track
  • Chemical Engineering (B.S.)
  • Civil Engineering (B.S.)
  • Computer and Cybersecurity Engineering (B.S.)
  • Computer Engineering (B.S.)
  • Engineering Management (B.S.)
  • Industrial Technology and Management (B.A.C.)
  • Information Technology and Management (B.A.C.)/Industrial Technology and Management (B.A.C.)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)