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Humanities (B.S.)

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Rapid technological advancements affect our way of life and challenge our ethics. The benefit of studying humanities at Illinois Tech is that you will encounter fellow students in the human sciences, the natural sciences, engineering, and architecture who are thinking about technological problems in new ways. As technology changes the relationship of individuals to their world, you will need more humanistic knowledge to meet the challenges and potential disruptions this change presents, from the local to the global setting. This program will provide you with invaluable insight into the human experience that will prepare you to enter the workforce and make a difference for the future.

Program Overview

This degree offers a broad background in a number of traditional humanities subjects—history, philosophy, communications, literature, art, and architectural history—while also teaching the strong analytical and problem-solving skills needed in today's careers, as technology continues to shape the human experience.

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Science in Humanities is an interdisciplinary degree in which you will learn critical skills in reading, writing, and empirical research and analysis. You will be prepared for careers in many fields including:

  • Technical and digital communications
  • Data analysis
  • Public or government service
  • Communications and marketing
  • Writing, journalism, or social media production
  • Research and archiving