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Engineering Themes

Armour College of Engineering is empowering students to apply their engineering skills to themes of high relevance and global impact through our new distinctive education initiative.

Illinois Tech's Engineering Themes is a group of experiences that help undergraduates explore worldwide engineering issues while completing an accredited degree in their chosen field—without modifying their degree plan. As students learn the fundamentals of engineering in the classroom, we give them on- and off-campus opportunities to apply their technical knowledge to these themes and bring together students from across departments and disciplines to work on a common solution.

Students can follow one or more of the themes by mixing and matching experiences based on their interests. Following a theme is not a requirement, and students can pursue them at their own pace throughout their undergraduate degree.

The current themes are: water, health, energy, and security. These are four areas in which engineers can impact the entire global population—and there are several ways in which each theme affects the other, making the experience even more valuable.

Themes offer curricular and extracurricular opportunities:

  • Technical courses, specialized electives, and IPROs
  • Team-intensive engineering projects
  • Internships
  • Lecture series, panel discussions, and forums
  • Interactive problem-solving
  • Field work and site visits
  • Design projects and competitions
  • Engineering Themes Student Council featuring leadership pathways
  • Network opportunities with students, industry experts, and alumni

Get Involved

We not only engage our students, we help them stand out. Illinois Tech is the only university in the country to offer students an automated engineering portfolio. Set yourself apart with this ground-breaking opportunity.

As you take part in theme events, courses, and opportunities, our online engineering portfolio will track your progress and create an entry for each item. The end product is four years of work packaged digitally with photos, videos, write-ups, and online information about the tangible experience you gained as an Illinois Tech engineering undergraduate.

Use the portfolio as a supplement to your résumé or as additional material for your application to graduate school.

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