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At Illinois Tech research is the hallmark of our culture of excellence. Our faculty, students, and staff are leading bold research and discovery in fields where technology and innovation are creating significant, meaningful change. We are contributing to advances in computation and data, energy and sustainability, deep science and engineering, health and wellness, social justice, and urban futures. Throughout our colleges, and research institutes and centers, Illinois Tech researchers are conducting research that matters in our everyday lives.

Cutting-Edge Research at Illinois Tech

Really Hungry? New Research Suggests Avocados Hit the Spot

The Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Institute of Technology conducted research that suggests that meals that include avocado in place of refined carbohydrates can significantly suppress hunger and increase meal satisfaction in adults who are overweight or obese.

Gregory Chasson and a graduate student look over research.

By utilizing virtual reality, researchers at Illinois Tech were able to show individuals with hoarding disorder what their homes would look like without the clutter often associated with the disease, potentially helping individuals seek treatment for their disorder.

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“There’s a concern that these kind of regulations can hurt innovation,” at least in the short run. “They can hurt jobs and they can hurt new venture creation, so we’ve got to be careful how we implement them.”

$1 Million HUD Grant to Support Air Quality Study Directed at Veterans with COPD

“We are working with veterans, but the research results could help everyone with COPD and give doctors new tools for helping their patients. ... I’m in engineering but this project has public health implications.”

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University Research Initiatives

University-wide research initiatives unite faculty and students across the disciplines to explore and discover innovation-driven solutions in two areas of inquiry: urban futures, and computation and data.

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