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At Illinois Tech research is the hallmark of our culture of excellence. Our faculty, students, and staff are leading bold research and discovery in fields where technology and innovation are creating significant, meaningful change. We are contributing to advances in computation and data, energy and sustainability, deep science and engineering, health and wellness, social justice, and urban futures. Throughout our colleges, and research institutes and centers, Illinois Tech researchers are conducting research that matters in our everyday lives.

Cutting-Edge Research at Illinois Tech

Air Quality Lab

Armour College of Engineering professor and department chair Brent Stephens, who has researched energy and air quality in the built environment for much of his career, is a sought-after expert as COVID-19 continues to raise concerns about the air we breathe. 

R Wang, CS Researcher

Assistant Professor Rujia Wang is on a team looking to reshape computer architecture methods that will reduce the energy and time needed to process data sets of ever-increasing size. 

Matt Gombeda

Assistant Professor Matt Gombeda has received a United States Department of Energy grant to further improve the use of fly ash—fine powder coal byproduct—within a supplementary cementitious material for precast concrete applications.

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University Research Initiatives

University-wide research initiatives unite faculty and students across the disciplines to explore and discover innovation-driven solutions in three areas of inquiry: Computation and Data, Health and Wellness, and Urban Futures.

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