Argonne National Laboratory Joint Appointment Program

Argonne National Laboratory scientists who request a joint appointment with Illinois Institute of Technology must have an Illinois Tech academic unit supporting the appointment.

 Here is the process for Argonne Scientists requesting a joint appointment at Illinois Tech:

  • An interested Argonne scientist should contact an Illinois Tech faculty member in the academic unit aligned with their expertise
  • The Argonne scientist should submit Argonne’s joint appointment pre-application for approval
  • The Illinois Tech academic unit will decide whether or not to recommend the Argonne scientist for a research faculty joint appointment. The academic unit will then forwards its recommendation to its respective dean to appoint the Argonne scientist. This approved template should be used when writing the appointment letter
  • The approved appointment letter is sent to the Office of the Provost and the associate vice provost for research
  • The associate vice provost for research will be the liaison with Argonne’s JA Program Office in order to review and finalize all paperwork related to the joint appointment
  • When finalized, the joint appointment confirmation will be provided to Illinois Tech’s Human Resources

Proposal Submission

The goal of the Illinois Tech’s joint appointment program with Argonne National Laboratory is intended to allow nonfunded collaborations that can eventually lead to funded joint appointments via awarded proposals or projects. If an Argonne scientist should be listed on a grant proposal, the associate vice provost for research must be notified prior to the participation of the Argonne scientist on the proposal. The associate vice provost for research will notify Argonne of the grant proposal so that a budget can be developed by the research administrator in the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP).

  • The salary and fringe benefits for the Argonne scientist, as well as for the Argonne indirect expense costs, will be provided by Argonne and included in the proposal submission
  • This budget template can be used when including the budget for the Argonne scientist in a grant proposal
  • Expenses beyond the Argonne scientist’s effort—for example, materials and supplies or travel expenses—must be added to the budget on proposals and will only be allowed per the terms and conditions of the award. They are not allowable as part of the faculty joint appointment.

If the proposal should be selected for funding, OSRP will notify the associate vice provost for research in the Office of Research. The associate vice provost for research will notify Argonne to appropriately address any financial support needs to Argonne for salary and other compensation due and owing Argonne under the terms and conditions of the awarded grant. The research appointment may be updated accordingly. Given the joint appointment status, a separate subcontract to Argonne will not be issued.

Illinois Tech and Argonne Faculty Joint Appointments


Zelimir Djurcic


Tomothy Hobbs

Timothy Hobbs

Research Professor, Physics


Adam Hock

Adam S. Hock

Chemist, Catalysis Group, Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division.


Bogdan Nicolae

Bogdan Nicolae

Computer Scientist


Michael E. Papka

Michael Papka

Deputy Associate Laboratory Director/Director, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility.


Valerie E. Taylor

Valerie E. Taylor

Research Professor, Computer Science Department
Argonne Division Director, Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne Distinguished Fellow