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Elevate College Prep

Why wait? Get college—and real-world—experience now.

Just as there’s no other university like Illinois Tech, no other program in the country gives middle and high school students the college exposure and real-world experiences that the Elevate College Prep program does.

Elevate College Prep programs:

  • Help middle school and high school students embark on a successful pathway to college and careers in STEM and other future-forward fields through dynamic college prep programs
  • Offer mentorship that will transform middle school and high school students into young tech leaders and innovative thinkers
  • Connect middle school and high school students with hands-on experiences and allows them to see cutting-edge skills applied in real-world environments
  • Guides middle school and high school students in drafting a game plan for college and beyond 

Plus, Elevate College Prep gives middle school and high school students a firsthand look at how the guaranteed hands-on experiences in Illinois Tech’s one-of-a-kind Elevate program empower the university’s current undergraduates to graduate uniquely career-ready. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the many opportunities that Elevate College Prep offers and take your pre-college experience to the next level.

Elevate Your Pre-College Experience

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Broaden your knowledge and skills through future-focused courses in sustainability, next-generation technology, computing and security, and much more during programs offered in-person and online for middle school and high school students

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Challenge yourself and get a head start on your future with college-level coursework that is offered online or in person and is taught by Illinois Tech faculty members

Students working during the SMASH program

A paid opportunity for high school students ages 14–18 who live in the city of Chicago, apprenticeship participants are mentored by Illinois Tech faculty in areas such as business and cybersecurity to develop skills and independence

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Elevate College Prep partners with high schools across the city of Chicago to create enriching programs that engage students in STEM-related fields and provide college and career readiness preparation throughout the academic year

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 Along with partners inside and outside the university, Elevate College Prep provides educational and experiential learning opportunities throughout the year for high school and middle school students across the region

DevUp Scholars

The DevUp Scholars Program is an interactive three-year program that exposes high school students from Chicago’s South Side to STEM and entrepreneurship, connects them with mentors, and prepares them to pursue STEM majors and careers

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The Chicago Difference

This community transformation and scholarship initiative provides wraparound support for talented young people from underrepresented backgrounds across Chicago, with aims to build the economic engine of our tech workforce and keep the next generation of tech leaders in Chicago.


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A Virtual Headstart

You can begin your journey at Illinois Tech before you even step foot on campus! By taking part in a four-week virtual internship, you’ll learn the skills needed to lead and innovate in today’s workplace. 


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Taking Science to the Students

Faculty from Illinois Tech’s College of Computing, Armour College of Engineering, and Stuart School of Business instruct high school students in hands-on activities and discussion topics to help them elevate their STEM skills.

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