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Elevate College Prep

Why wait? Get college–and real-world—experience now.

Just as there’s no other university like Illinois Tech, no other program in the country gives middle and high school students college exposure and real-world experiences like Illinois Tech’s Elevate College Prep program.

Through our one-of-a-kind program, you’ll take part in much more than pre-college courses. You’ll broaden your knowledge and skills through an array of academic offerings, hands-on experiences, and personalized mentorship—and get a firsthand look at how the guaranteed opportunities in our unique Elevate program empower current Illinois Tech undergraduates to stand out. Our college programs offer you:

  • Virtual internships and competitions that will teach you the hands-on, twenty-first century skills that employers seek—and that will help you build your resume and boost your college applications
  • Mentorship from Illinois Tech instructors
  • Exciting courses in cool topics taught at Chicago’s only tech university, including computational science, industrial psychology, introduction to human biology, and more
  • Plus: certificates for your coursework! 

But that’s not all you’ll experience. When you participate in one of our residential summer programs, you’ll get to live in one of our residence halls while exploring our beautiful campus and the amazing city of Chicago. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out one of the many opportunities to Elevate your pre-college experience below.

Elevate Your Pre-College Experience

Elevate College Prep Summer Programs

Do you want real-world experience from a top-tier university? Illinois Tech’s Elevate College Prep program prepares both high school and middle school students for their future through engaging summer programs. You can take part in a virtual program or stay on-campus.

Bridge Building Competition

Illinois Tech's home is Chicago, an international hub of big ideas. Get a taste of worldwide collaboration by teaming up with students in competitions that put your skills to the test!

Dual Enrollment

Earn college credits with our pre-college classes. Sign up for the exciting major right for you, be it computational science, industrial psychology, and more.

DevUp Scholars

Illinois Tech’s interactive three-year DevUp Scholars program exposes high school students from Chicago’s South Side to STEM and entrepreneurship, connects them with mentors, and prepares them to pursue STEM majors and careers.

Virtual Internship

Real-world experiences, such as internships, are key to unlocking a great job in the future. We offer high school students a chance to get those skills before their first year in college.

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The Chicago Difference—An Illinois Tech Initiative

Illinois Tech is proud of our residents so we created The Chicago Difference, a community and scholarship initiative supporting talented young Chicagoans from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Elevate Your Future

Elevate Your Future

Illinois Tech’s signature Elevate program promises to make your life success our top priority. All students are guaranteed hands-on experiences, a personalized academic and career plan, and the job-readiness skills to achieve career success.

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