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Undergraduate Dual Degrees

Stack It Up

Grow your area of expertise—and job prospects—with a dual degree.

Deepen your skills by broadening your studies in two academic areas instead of just one. Dual degrees allow you to gain experience across disciplines, giving you additional expertise and enhancing your career opportunities. Other benefits of a dual degree include:

  • Complete both degree programs in as few as four and a half years
  • Receive both degrees for the same tuition rate
  • Guidance from dedicated advisers in each degree area
  • Enhance your applications to graduate programs (for example, medical school)

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Illinois Tech offers numerous combinations of dual degrees, which allows you flexibility to find a fit that's right for you. A few examples from the areas of science, technology, and electrical engineering include:

Biochemistry (B.S.)/Medicinal Chemistry (B.S.)
Biochemistry (B.S.)/Psychological Science (B.S.)

Information Technology and Management (B.A.C.)/Industrial Technology and Management (B.A.C.)
Information Technology and Management (B.A.C.)/Communication (B.S.)
Business Administration (B.S.)/Information Technology and Management (B.A.C.)
Business Administration (B.S.)/Computer Information Systems (B.S.)

Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering (B.S.)/Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
Aerospace Engineering (B.S.)/Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.)
Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)/Materials Science and Engineering (B.S.)

“I want to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience, and a dual degree in biology and psychology is a stepping stone to get there. I was able to participate in undergraduate research during my freshman year, which gave me a lot of useful laboratory skills and made me more confident in lab settings. I studied abroad during my junior year. Both have given me opportunity and life experiences that I am thankful to have.”

—Sydney Lamerand (Biology/Psychological Science 4th Year), Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Student Sydney Lamerand

“At Illinois Tech I have found myself incredibly well equipped to continue learning in future years. I have found the courses set up for my degree to be highly relevant to helping me both increase my knowledge and continue to build up on what I had learned in previous classes. One of my favorite aspects of my degree program is the ways in which labs are incorporated and how they are used as both supplemental or separate classes to help emphasize important subjects covered during lecture periods.”

—Nadyah Mohiuddin (Biology/Psychological Science ’19), Chicago

Student Nadyah Mohiuddin

“I found opportunities to be involved in student organizations, conduct research on a debilitating disease, work, participate in international medical brigades, volunteer at the nearby hospitals, and live in a diverse city that has so much to offer.”

—Evelyn Thomas (Biochemistry ’17)

Student Evelyn Thomas