Honors Law Program

Begin your trajectory to law school during your undergraduate years. Open to all Illinois Tech undergraduate majors, this program allows you to earn your B.S. from Illinois Tech and a J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law in six* years instead of seven. Illinois Tech is one of only a few tech-focused universities with a law school.

Law school classes are taken at Illinois Tech’s Chicago-Kent College of Law. Students have access to pre-law advising and LSAT preparation assistance.

*Due to program requirements, engineering and architecture students would earn their undergraduate and J.D. degrees in seven years.

How to Apply

Prospective Students (First-Year Applicants)

High school students who are interested in admission into the accelerated Honors Law (B.S./J.D.) program can indicate interest on their Common Application submission to Illinois Tech. After applications are reviewed, students receiving general admission into the university will be contacted by the Honors Law committee regarding further steps.

By being admitted into the Honors Law program, you will have opportunities to take part in pre-law student activities, be mentored by upperclass students on the pre-law track, and receive 1:1 advising and LSAT preparation support from the Honors Law faculty committee.

In the program, you will transition into Chicago-Kent College of Law by maintaining a 3.4 GPA, taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and achieving an LSAT score at or exceeding 150, and submitting a completed Chicago-Kent application.

Current Illinois Tech Students and Transfer Students

Acceptance by Chicago-Kent is automatic for those students who meet the minimum program requirements, which are:

  • Maintain a 3.​40 cumulative undergraduate GPA.
  • Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) by February of their third undergraduate year at the university if they are in the six-year program or by February of their fourth year at the university if they are not and achieve an LSAT score at or exceeding 150 for the Chicago-Kent entering class.
  • Submit a completed application to Chicago-Kent by April 15 of the third undergraduate year if they are in the six-year program or in the fourth undergraduate year if they are not.
  • Students who participate in the program but who do not meet the criteria for guaranteed admission are invited to apply through the regular competitive application process for admission to Chicago-Kent after three or four years of undergraduate study. In reviewing such applications, consideration will be given to the student’s participation in the Honors Law Program.



Please feel free to reach out to the Honors Law admissions team to discuss your questions and passions in pursuing law at Illinois Tech and Chicago-Kent:

Saran Ghatak 
Honors Law Program Advisor
Professor & Department Chair of Social Sciences

Hye Min Yoon
Dual Admissions Coordinator
Senior Undergraduate Admission Counselor

Jumpstart Your Legal Education

Honors Law at Illinois Tech

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You’re Automatically In

Maintain a 3.40 GPA and meet the required LSAT score, and you're guaranteed admission into Chicago Kent College of Law.


Get a Law Degree in Six Years

Complete your major requirements during your first three years of undergraduate studies, then spend three years on your J.D.

A Chicago-Kent Student studies in the Law Library

We Are Diverse

Honors Law students come from a variety of majors including biology, chemistry, computer science, humanities, physics, psychology, and more.

“I’m in the 3+3 B.S./J.D. program and I’m specializing in history. I find a lot of the classes very interesting. The humanities program has a lot of room for electives, so you’re free to choose the classes you want. I hope to one day use a law degree to stand up for what’s right. Whether it’s a person or an idea, everyone deserves fair representation.”

—Brandon Holifield (Humanities/Honors Law Program 2nd Year)

Brandon Holifield