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Resources for Parents and Families

Parents and families play a huge role in the success of their students at Illinois Tech. Your student relies on you for encouragement, advice, help with applications, bills—and, well, you raised them, so we don’t have to tell you!

Find out everything your student needs to do before arriving at Illinois Tech. We’ve created this list of essential information to assist you in helping your student finalize enrollment. We’ve also included information about how you can stay connected with the university.

Confirm Enrollment

Your student has already been admitted to Illinois Tech, so that’s the first step in our admissions process. Now he or she must secure enrollment by following the deposit instructions online.

Financial Aid

More than 98 percent of Illinois Tech students receive some type of financial aid. Our goal is to help you understand funding options available for undergraduate study such as grants, work (or work-study), and loans. Be sure to submit your FAFSA as early as possible starting in October. Many students who do not qualify for federal or state aid will qualify for institutional grants. Illinois Tech’s FAFSA code is 001691.

Visit the website for Illinois Tech’s Office of Financial Aid. You´ll find important deadlines and information.


Your student’s housing priorities probably include laundry, wireless Internet, skyline views, fun activities, and pizza—in no particular order. You want assurance that on-campus housing is safe, with 24/7 security, plus student and professional staff available anytime, anywhere to assist your student. At Illinois Tech, we have both of you covered.

December: Housing reservations open for all students who have submitted their deposits. All first-year students are required to live on campus. Space fills up quickly, and we encourage students to register as soon as possible. A student may live off campus only if residing with his or her legal guardian and commuting within 20 miles of campus. To reserve a room your student should visit housing.iit.edu. There your student can submit our contract online or fill out a commuter waiver (First-Year Residency Requirement Waiver Form).

Student Health and Wellness

Illinois Tech is committed to the well being of your student. Our Student Health and Wellness Center offers a range of services including counseling, medical care with doctors and nurses, health insurance, and more. Illinois Tech automatically enrolls your student in our health insurance plan unless your student opts out of this service.

IIT Alert

IIT Alert is an emergency-alert system that Illinois Tech uses to broadcast announcements about severe weather or ongoing situations to the campus community via text, phone, and email. Parents and family members can request an IIT Alert account. To learn more visit web.iit.edu/iitalert.

Connect with Illinois Tech

Illinois Tech has online resources just for parents and families. You can also sign up to receive Illinois Tech Today, the university’s daily newsletter, which has information about campus events, financial aid deadlines, student career services, and more.

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