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Graduate Admission

Illinois Tech’s graduate students are part of a legacy of scholars who are committed to excellence in study and research. As a graduate student at Illinois Tech, you will experience personalized faculty mentorship, hands-on learning opportunities, and access to the resources of the global city of Chicago—all of which help to shape a one-of-a-kind graduate education. 

Whether furthering their careers in a certificate program, launching cutting-edge businesses, or conducting Ph.D. research on a novel topic, our graduate students come to Illinois Tech because it is a university where the curious, ambitious, and dedicated find unlimited opportunities to advance and succeed.

** Illinois Tech is waiving the GRE for the Spring and Fall 2022 semesters. **
** This waiver does not apply to the Master of Science in Management Science. **

Test Score Accommodations During the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus on testing centers in China and elsewhere, we are making the following accommodations available to all students for 2022 admission cycles for all master’s programs:

•  IELTS and TOEFL Alternate Option: If you are unable to take the IELTS or TOEFL test due to exam cancellations, you may submit Duolingo English Test results instead.

• GRE and GMAT Waiver: We understand that many GRE and GMAT testing facilities are closed due to the coronavirus. As a result, Illinois Tech has changed our test requirements for 2022. We are no longer requiring students to submit GRE or GMAT scores for all master’s programs. 

View test waiver FAQs here.


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New Professional Master’s Scholarships for Illinois Tech Alumni

This scholarship will cover $25,000 in tuition costs for all Illinois Tech alumni who enroll in one of the university’s professional master’s degree programs.

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Thesis or Non-Thesis?

Illinois Tech’s renowned academic programs prepare you for professional success, regardless of whether you graduate from a thesis or non-thesis program.

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Online Dual Degrees

A wide variety of online dual degrees allow students the flexibility to complete their degree in a manner that suits their lifestyle—whether they live abroad or are working professionals.

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Check Out the Graduate Viewbook

Learn more about Illinois Tech and our faculty, research, graduate students, and programs—including special interdisciplinary pathways that make our graduate education distinct.

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“There isn’t anywhere else I would have rather gone to receive my master’s degree. My courses were full of useful information that I could directly apply to my profession. There were assignments that actually replicated some of the responsibilities I have had to do at my current job. Illinois Tech improves its employability by reputation and its vast university network. Now that I have begun my career, I’m meeting more and more alumni, whether they be in passing, people I work with, or clients.”

—Rudy Trevino (M.ENG. AE ’16)

“Illinois Tech is composed of a relatively small community of individuals who are interested in science and technology for the sake of science and technology. The people here are genuine, pursue their passions, and inspire passion in others. There is also a great deal of diversity of opinion, background, and means at this institution. These aspects combined make Illinois Tech a school where you can learn from inspiring professors, work on challenging and rewarding projects, and make connections with like-minded individuals.”

—Rachael Affenit (BME/M.S. CS ’18)

Graduate Student Rachel Affeni

“The structure of the academic programs at Illinois Tech at all levels requires working with students from other academic disciplines. The diversity of the campus also creates opportunities to engage with people from different walks of life, and from my experience, working in inclusive spaces is encouraged by the faculty.”

—Michael Anthony DeAnda (Ph.D. THUM ’19)

Graduate Student Michael DeAnda