Gaining Marketing Analytics Skills for the Tech Business World

When Efe Uduigwomen arrived in Chicago to begin the Master of Science in Marketing Analytics program at Stuart School of Business, she already had five years of professional experience, which included leading marketing initiatives at high-growth fintech companies such as Paga, Risevest, and Casava in Nigeria. She discovered Illinois Tech when she began exploring graduate school options where she could expand her expertise in using data and analytics to drive marketing strategy.

“What set Illinois Tech’s program apart for me was its curriculum, which is well aligned with the current industry trends, focusing intensively on data, technology, and analytics tools in the business world,” she says. “Additionally, the allure of being in a vibrant city, such as Chicago, made Illinois Tech an even more attractive choice.”

Overall, Uduigwomen’s academic experience at Stuart was defined by a combination of challenging coursework taught through a learning-by-doing approach, where she mastered key quantitative concepts and skills such as using SQL and R programming for statistical and data analytics and Tableau for data visualization and storytelling.

“The projects in courses were a standout feature of my experience,” she says. “They were not just academic exercises, they were interconnected, reflected real industry problems, and demanded innovative solutions. Working on these projects, I got hands-on experience with the latest tools and techniques in data analysis, research, and strategic planning. You also get to work with and learn from peers from various backgrounds, enhancing your teamwork skills and broadening your perspective, which is crucial in any professional setting.”

In the classroom and in one-to-one meetings during office hours, the Stuart faculty became her mentors. “They are industry experts who bring a wealth of practical experience to their teaching,” she says. “Their guidance goes beyond academic learning, offering insights into the industry and preparing you for the actual challenges you will face in your career.”

While she was at Stuart, Uduigwomen landed an internship with the marketing team at global fintech company Remitly, a digital remittance service that enables individuals to send money around the world. Her success as an intern led to a full-time position at the firm when she graduated.

“Currently, I am working as a senior growth marketing associate,” she says. “I get to put my grad school and previous work experiences into practice managing search marketing and analytics on Google, Apple, and Bing. This role not only challenges me, but also allows me to continuously apply and enhance my skills in a field that is at the intersection of technology and consumer engagement.”

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