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(M.Des. ’91)

Pamela Mead (M.Des. ’91) spent a decade designing with new technologies, developing projects at Sony, Palm, and Yahoo!. After working with several startups, she moved to Madrid in 2011 to join...


(B.A.C. Industrial Technology and Management, M.A.S. Industrial Technology and Operations ’21)

Sierra Strandberg had been working as a mechanical design engineer for five years creating work holdings for tooling inside CNC machines, but she was looking for an opportunity to leverage her...


(CS ’22)

Chicago is a world-class city full of culture, history, and excitement. Avery Peck says studying in Chicago added to her student experience while enrolled at Illinois Institute of Technology. “I love...


(Biomedical Engineering ’10, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering ’15)

Chris Osswald (BME ’10, Ph.D. BME ’15) is in his seventh year at ClearPoint Neuro, but he only recently learned that when he first started working at the company it was barely holding on, not sure how...


(Psychology ’14)

For Tim Carsel, who grew up in the Bloomington, Illinois, and Normal, Illinois, area—the twin cities are often referred to as Bloomington-Normal—in a blue-collar family, the possibility of working for...


(M.S. Computer Science ’21)

Bo Zhu was working 11 hours a day, six days a week, as a Java developer when he was looking for opportunities to expand relevant professional knowledge, which proved tricky during a global pandemic...


(Computer Science ’02)

As the chief health and innovation officer at Commure, health care's first intelligent operating system built to accelerate empathetic innovation and reimagine care delivery, Saurabha Bhatnagar, M.D...


(Ph.D. Computer Science ’06)

A call from the Federal Communications Commission interrupted Eric Burger’s career in research and development and academia to become the Chief Technical Officer of the Federal Communications...