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(M.S. ACHM ’21, M.B.A. ’23)

With more than a decade of experience as a laboratory research chemist and a master’s degree in analytical chemistry from Illinois Tech, Elliott Rice enrolled part-time in the Master of Business...


Law '13

“Although I can’t erase the pain of the death of a spouse or a parent, I can ease the burden on families by making the estate administration process easier,” says Luke Harriman ’13. Harriman guides...


(M.S. ACHM ’21)

Having worked as a professional chemist since 2011, Adam Floyd (M.S. ACHM ’21) was no stranger to the industry. So how did he go from working at Scott’s Miracle Gro to becoming CEO of his own company...


(LAW ’09)

Right after college, Ruth Lopez-McCarthy (LAW ’09) started Doorknocking. It was the community organizing, block club kind of outreach: pushing for more alley lights, safety patrols, and better garbage...


(ITM ’15)

“I don’t know why I want to act like I have an aversion to nerds, when I’m a nerd myself,” laughs Sydney Hardwick (ITM ’15), speaking not only of her time growing up on Chicago’s South Side, but also...


(PHYS, ASPY, M.S. HP ’21)

While growing up, Lexi Detweiler (PHYS, ASPY, M.S. HP ’21) listened to her father spout random tidbits of information from his various STEM-related careers. He’d gone from being an architect to...