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Title IX Compliance

The Office of Title IX Compliance oversees Illinois Institute of Technology’s response to Title IX Sexual Harassment within the university. The Office of Title IX Compliance educates Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff about matters related to sexual harassment and distributes information on university policy. The Office of Title IX Compliance responds to reports of sexual harassment, complies and distributes options for support, and resolves formal Title IX complaints through formal and informal processes. Illinois Tech is committed to creating an environment for all students and employees that is fair, humane, and respectful.

Title IX Report Sexual Harassment

Report Sexual Harassment

Any member of the Illinois Tech community can submit an incident report regarding instances of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or sex discrimination

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Title IX and HEA Compliance Policy Resources

Title IX Policy and Procedures

Learn about federal and state laws governing Title IX, as well as Illinois Tech’s Title IX sexual harassment policy

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Get Support

Title IX and HEA Compliance Resources

Learn about your options for counseling, medical resources, and legal and immigration assistance

Title IX

Schedule an appointment with the Title IX Coordinator to learn more about the process and your options; the meeting is not confidential