A CEO with Analytical Chemistry Skills

Having worked as a professional chemist since 2011, Adam Floyd (M.S. ACHM ’21) was no stranger to the industry.

So how did he go from working at Scott’s Miracle Gro to becoming CEO of his own company—Arvum Plant Labs—in 2021? It all started with an interest in continuing his education at Illinois Tech.

“I was interested in continuing my education remotely,” says Floyd. “Scott’s had a great program that paid for college, so I began to look for a remote master’s program and found Illinois Tech. It was a perfect fit for me.”

While the flexibility and industry-professional professors were a significant factor for Floyd, he knew if he wanted to be a CEO, he’d be required to learn even more tools. Fortunately, he found exactly what he was looking for in Illinois Tech’s program.

“Project management and the analytical chemistry courses were particularly beneficial to me,” says Floyd. “I use these skills every day in my professional life.”

After graduating from Illinois Tech[CH1] , Floyd wasted no time advancing his career, becoming the CEO of Arvum Plant Labs and co-founding Cascade Laboratory Consulting in 2021, as well.

At Arvum Plant Labs, Floyd leads a team that strives to improve plant performance and increase yields by using rapid analytical testing results to make data-driven decisions. At Cascade Laboratory Consulting, Floyd’s team capitalizes on their expertise and experience to develop production-focused analytical testing platforms, providing the best efficiency and highest level of analytical testing in the industry. They partner with professional organizations including the Oregon Cannabis Commission, AOAC Cannabis Analytical Science Program, and ATSM D37 Committee on Cannabis.

All of this, made possible with Illinois Tech’s fully-online M.S. in Analytical Chemistry program.

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